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  1. Both you and Nadine will not be disappointed. I was married there on July 21st 2012. We used Octavio Montes as our photographer for both the wedding and the Trash the Dress. He was fabulous and his packages include all the pictures at a very reasonable rate. Be glad you both choose months that are not too very hot in Mexico. We were melting in July and scheduled the Steak House as our after wedding dinner. I didn't realize it was not air conditioned, and with the wedding dress with all the under garments, I was totally miserable!! Also, I don't believe you will have the lagoon smell when you are there either. We visited in Dec before we decided on BBGE and there were No bad odors at that time of the year. Best Wishes!!
  2. I got mine at weddinglinensdirect.com which were of a good quality and very inexpensive. I too used the coral, but didn't want to pack them so I left them with my wedding coordinator in Mexico. Good Luck...and even if the shading is not exact you will never notice. My bridesmaids dresses were substantially lighter than the sashes used, but once all put together they looked fabulous.
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