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  1. I just returned from my wedding in Cabo and I am sooo happy with Suzanne Morel and her team. I showed a picture and my hair looked identical to the picture. They really know there stuff there. My bridesmaids were all very happy with their hair and some of them went in having no clue what they wanted and let the stylist decide. They created beautiful hair styles that looked great on the girls. We had 2 stylists and Suzanne was there to over see their work and jumped in here and there if she saw something she wanted fixed or changed. Our make-up was beautiful, we all looked like cover girls! We felt so glamorous without looking like we had too much make-up on. I did have to pay for all services in advance, but I was fine with this, because I didn't want to have to carry all that extra cash around with me in Mexico. We had our whole wedding paid for before we left for Cabo, so we didn't have to worry about paying people once we were there. Also, I had no other services pushed on me. It was an overall wonderful experience for us and I really recommend going to Suzanne Morel & team for your big day!
  2. Hi Guys, We just got married end of April in Cabo, wedding was at 5:30 and it was HOT. We got all the girls pashmina's because we were told it is cool at night, but no one needed their pashmina's. They were still a big hit! I think fans would have been great for the guests though. For the 10 days we were there, I never had to wear a sweater at night. Hope that helps!
  3. We only did an invite, but not very formal and and 8 months before. We put together a booklet and PDF'd it and sent it out email. We included in the booklet all of the details of our destination, resort, the wedding and our travel agent information. We also put an RSVP date dated 2 months before the wedding date. I got great feedback from everyone about it, and I don't regret not doing formal invitation.
  4. I got the basic package for 4 hours, its about $3500 for 4 hours, $800/hr after 4 hours, but they have ensured me that 4 hour is plenty and they shoot in a way that looks like they are with you all day and night. Our total was just under $4000, including taxes and shipping. But, you get 2 photographers, amazing photographers and they edit and retouch every photo taken and you get every single hi-res picture on disk and you can print them at home for much cheaper. Or you can order prints though them as well. Hope this answered your question!
  5. Hi Justine, I'll tell you what I did and maybe it will help create some ideas for you! My fiance is only having 2 groomsmen. His brother and best friend. I have 4 best friends and 3 sisters. Out of duty I asked my sisters first, one of them told me flat out she felt too 'old' to be a bridesmaid, she's 39, and I told her she didn't have to be a bridesmaid if she didn't want to, I would find a special duty for her instead of being labelled bridesmaid. So I had 2 sisters and I felt like I could do 2 more without over powering our 2 groomsmen I asked my 2 best friends who live closest to me, the other 2 live in another country currently. When I told them, I said I can't have 6 bridesmaids while my FI only has 2 groomsmen but I wanted them to be a special part of my day as well. So for the 2 girlfriends who won't be 'standing' will be reading a poem together at the wedding. I've also told them that they are going to be required to be in some of the pictures with the photographer so to make sure their dresses match the bridesmaid dresses! Just match, doesn't have to be same colour, just not clash! Everyone seems pretty happy with what is going to happen and there was absolutely no drama. Also, keep the other 3 girls from feeling left out as the other get special bridesmaid presents, I got them each a smaller but special present as well. I also told them they are required to be at the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, morning breakfast and I've invited them to get ready with us. If you do decide to ask one sister and not the other, on both yours and your fiances side, I think you should definitely talk to the sister about it first and explain why, and if she starts to get offended, tell her you have a special role for her to play and make sure she feel part of the day! Oh and I've stood in 7 weddings, only 2 of those brides will be standing in mine. People understand, just make everyone feel loved and important! I hope this helps!!
  6. My dress is a hi-lo style, so my feet will be showing! Also, we're getting married on a terrace on a cliff over the beach, so I have the option of wearing heels After lots of searching these are the shoes I ended up buying! Thankfully I am super short and am still shorter than my fiance in them!
  7. Darn, I did already buy my pashmina's! Oh well! I'm just happy they are of good quality! I originally planned to do fans for all our women guests, but my wedding coordinator told me I should be more concerned about my guests being too cold at night, than too hot. My ceremony is at 5:30pm, so it should be too hot. I plan to have a basket for the pashmina's at the reception. Also, the last time I went to Mexico it was in March and I definitely needed to wear something on my arms at night. I didn't know and had one hoodie that had to be worn with EVERYTHING!!
  8. I'm not planning on filling my OOT bags with too much stuff. I'm planning on keeping them simple with a few good items in it. Our bags are custom made by 2 of our friends, one's a graphic designer and the other does screen printing. Our graphic is made up of the lyrics to our first dance, which is written and performed by another friend of ours who is a musician! So far I got 16oz acrylic double walled tumblers for the bags and the welcome booklet I made. I would like to add one or 2 more items. I am thinking of putting starbucks VIA ready brew in the bags. Reviews on tripadvisor claim that the coffee at our resort is beyond drinkable. I recently learned that starbucks now makes a ice coffee VIA ready brew too! So I might mix and match them up. I'm also going to put in magazines in all the women's/couples bags for them to read while by the pool, the fun celebrity gossip type magazines. I'm struggling with what I can put in there for the guys though? Any suggestions? Oh and I got the girls Pashmina's (ebay, $5, they are so nice!!) but they get them at the wedding, guys get cigars.
  9. Steal away! That's what we're here for! I'm sure what ever you decide to do will be amazing, and you guests will have a great time!
  10. We got our guys pocket watches off etsy, they are gorgeous, unique and a timeless piece that can be passed down to their children one day, their sneakers, PF Flyers, and we purchased their shirts and ties (custom made off etsy). We only have 2 groomsmen so we were able to spoil them a little. Guys tend to really like watches too! My fiance loves getting watches when he stands in a wedding! lol
  11. My parent wont be able to attend our destination too, and I will be walking myself down the aisle. I've had many friends offer to do that job, but I told them its something I feel I should do on my own,my dad is quite upset he can't be there, but he is sick and I would hate to give that special job to someone else.
  12. We are having a cocktail reception too! I've found that I don't like being anchored down to my seat for 2 hours during receptions. We have all young people coming to our wedding and I would like to be able to socialize with all of them as I'm sure they would like to socialize with everyone too, instead of being restricted to those at their table! We're getting Married at a restaurant in Cabo, off the resort. We rented out the upstairs of the restaurant which is already set up like a lounge, they offered to clear our the couches and high tables to put in large round tables for the dinner, but after some though, we decided we liked the way it looked and decided against the formal sit down dinner. For our meal we're having gourmet pizza stations and a pasta bar. Guest can help themselves to their dinner and sit where every they'd like to eat it. The first hour there will be passed appetizers and than an hour later the pizza and pasta bar will be set up. We're having an open bar, and we're setting the patio up as a hooka lounge!
  13. How did you get nearly $500 for your hair and make up? I've book an appointment with Suzanne Morel for my wedding and I've been quoted at $180 + $85 for my hair trial. Maybe give them a call and ask for a quote?
  14. No Problem Tiff! Your wedding is going to be beautiful no matter what location! Cabo is so beautiful!! We have to leave the SDML at 10pm (with the option of paying more to stay later). I wanted to go back to the disco, but I'm concerned it might be stinky!! We have a some-what small group, so maybe we'll just play it by ear. My girls are wearing peachy-tangerine coloured infinity dresses and the groomsmen are wearing linen suit pants and vest in a wheat colour from J. Crew! Picking out their outfits was harder than choosing my wedding dress! Flowers are all traditional roses in cream and peach colours. Jen I think your grey dresses with tropical flowers will look really good!
  15. We have guests arriving on Friday and on Saturday. We're going to have a meet and greet on the Saturday around 5pm. We'll meet in the Main Lobby and have drinks waiting for everyone and we'll pass out the bags. I have a FB group for my wedding guests to keep them up to date with whats going on. I will send out a message to all guests telling them to meet in the Main Lobby at 5pm. Any stragglers coming in later, we'll meet separately and give them in the lobby at their arrival!
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