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  1. I added a couple of photo's to my original post. Let me know if you guys want to see anything in particular.
  2. Hi BrideFfrenchie, Send me your email and I'll send you some pics. I'm not sure how to post them here directly. You can't beat the Sunset skypool location. Pacifica is nice too, but Sunset is much better. Plus, pacifica was a little too quiet for my taste. Anyway, I'll try to figure out if I can post some pics here..if not msg me your email. Tallyho, Lighting will be fine if you get the lanterns which are extra. They are totally worth it. With them and the lighting that's already there, it will be perfect. Nothing to worry about. I got the lanterns that the resort provided. I believe they were $120 / line. I think I asked her for two lines, but I don't know how many she actually put because it looked like there were way more. Laura can tell you how many you will need. Yes, the resort provided center pieces for the 6 tables that we had. They were $200 each. Looked very nice. I didn't know we needed those until a couple of days before the wedding. Even without them, the tables look fine. The violin soloist was included in the Fire package. She was so awesome. I think I asked her to play only 1 song from her list. All the other songs I chose were not on her list, but she was still able to play them. Laura is a little slow on replying.. but once the date gets closer and you need to pick all your stuff, she's right on top of it. She can also make last minute adjustments for you as well, LIke the lanterns I chose to take only a month or so before the wedding. Feel free to ask me anything... I'll be quicker to reply, just was busy at work the last couple of weeks. Yes, I agree that the wedding package is a little pricey especially when you decide to add on some things, like photographer, DJ, etc. I also had double the amount of guests that the package included which were also extra. However, here you are guaranteed to have a private wedding and I guarantee your daughter will love it... We also had people jump into the pool, including myself and my husband....it was so much fun. People are still talking about it.
  3. Hi, I had my hair done at the salon. They can do bridesmaids hair as well but that you'll have to pay for. I brought her a picture of how I wanted my hair done and she did an awesome job. I did not do the legal ceremony. I decided to take care of that later on in the US. I did not get a dance floor. They looked too small for the number of guests that we have. And the dancing was fine without one. You can get one if you like, but I don't think you need it. For the extra decorations, Laura sent me an email with all those things. I'm not sure who she used or where she got them. For the wedding coordinator, I only used Laura. I thought about hiring one here, but honestly they were so overpriced even for a destination wedding. I knew what I wanted and decided to just go with Laura and get her to take care of everything. That's all she does there and she's been doing it for 10 years, so don't worry too much. Also I gave my deposit in March 2012 and the wedding was in October, so you're way ahead already ????. Glad I can help. Enjoy the planning and let me know if you have more questions. Iva
  4. Hi Mandykat, I will be happy to answer any questions you have. I was a little disappointed that no one else had reviewed this resort here when I was looking around. Anyway, for the Mariachi band, I just told Laura I wanted one and she hired them for me. I had them for 1 hour (cocktail hour) after the ceremony. They we're amazing. Everyone was so surprised when they came out. Like I said before, there were 8 of them. I believe they cost around $860 or so for the hour. The dj you get for the entire reception. I don't think it was per hour. I can't remember how much exactly he cost. I think it was around $1200 for the entire reception. I had the fire package, and in that the chapel decorations are included. The food was also good. You will get to choose the food for both the cocktail hour and reception dinner. I chose the steak for dinner. It was really good. One last thing, get the lantern lights (round ones). They make the sky pool look so nice. I added them last minute. It totally made the place look better. Let me know if you have more questions. Iva
  5. I gave my depoist finally and secured a date at PB Sunset. I'm super excited to get married there. The WC has become more more proactive and is being great at answering all my questions.
  6. Does anyone know how much AlecandT charges for wedding photos? I was not able to find it anywhere on their website. Also, what's a reasonable price to pay for 4 hours of high definition photography for a wedding? Much appreciate any help here.
  7. Hi Liz, Thanks for the info. I'm glad to hear you loved the resort and Cabo. I finally got a reply back from the WC at Sunset. She clarified a lot of the questions I had. Her name is Laura, not sure if this is the same one you spoke with. I really like Sunset b/c it seems more classy than some of the other resorts I've been looking at (example RIU Palace). I was also thinking of staying at Sunset, but letting my guests know that they can stay at any of the other sister resorts under the all-inclusive plan. It just gives the guests more option. The WC said she would send me the prices for the wedding I want by tomorrow... hopefully, it's not too expensive.
  8. Hello, I'm planning on getting married this year. I've been searching EVERYWHERE for almost 3 months now and I am still undecided. The place I most like so far is Pueblo Bonito Sunset resort because of the chapel and the possibility for a private reception. I also like the hotel, however, the WC takes days to reply to my emails, so the process is taking some time. Here are my questions for you guys: - Do we have to stay at Pueblo Bonito Sunset to get married there? I would like to stay at Rosa or Los Cabos since they have swimmable beaches. - If you do the all-inclusive plan at one of the 4 resorts, can you eat and drink at any of the other resorts or do you have to pay extra? - I have 25 ppl in my wedding party... my friends are between the ages of 26 and 35 and our parent are 56 - 60..if we stay for a week, will we have fun or get bored? If the beach isn't swimmable what else can you do? Any pictures that anyone can share from their wedding would be AWESOME!!!!! Also, is it worth going down to check the place out before fully comitting? Should I get a wedding planner here to do the communication with the resort for me? If so, what do you guys think is a resonable price the wedding planner should charge for these service? I've been so stressed out, I just wish i found this site sooner!!!! I feel so much better now Thanks. Undecided
  9. This is a review of:


    Best Wedding Ever

    Pros: Everything
    Cons: Beach is not swimmable
    I had my wedding at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Resort & Spa October 7th, 2012 and I wanted to share my experiences with the resort to help those undecided come to a decision.   Just to give some background first, it took me 4 months to finally decide on a destination and resort for my wedding.  I did extensive research and finally decided on Sunset, because it met my "must have" criteria: 1)  I did not want a beach wedding.  I wanted a Church/Chapel wedding 2)  Private, outdoor reception
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