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  1. Wow... these are great! love the underwater camera idea!
  2. Thanks, Mrs D!! Suzie contacted me today from Somerset and offered me the same group rate. I'm comparing VR and Somerset and making my decision in the next couple days. The Somerset probably has a bit more to offer, so that's the way we're leaning....
  3. Congrats and thanks for the info, Mrs. D!!! Did the Somerset give you a group rate for your rooms? I can't wait for your review!!!
  4. Your passport invitations and books are so awesome!!!! You will be a gorgeous bride!
  5. Do any of these bands (Press Gang, etc) have web sites or itunes music you can listen to??? Apparently from the forums and tripadvisor, the dj's aren't that great in T&C, so I'm kinda skeptical about a band. NSblum, what band are you using for your rehearsal dinner??? My wedding isn't until Oct, but I'm trying to get some ideas. Thanks!
  6. I'm also getting married in T&C in Oct 2011!!! Congrats!
  7. Also, just from experience... wedding gowns are typically about 2 sizes larger than your "street size" and it's much easier to take in a size than let out!
  8. trying to decide between traditional (canon in d) or something beachy like somewhere over rainbow. thanks for all the input!!
  9. Thanks! I'm doing the chapstick thing, but this gives me even more inspiration!
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