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  1. Hey girls!! I had my wedding at GCR chapel and reception at trade winds beach on Feburary 24th 2012. It was absolutely beautiful and we are all still talking about that day! However, communication before was very difficult. They don't really pay much attention to you, until the few months or weeks before your actual wedding. But rest assurred that they will make your wedding a breath taking experience. Let them do their thing... Just make sure you keep track of the desicions and prices you decide (print those emails and keep in a folder to bring down) They get things mixed up all over the place. But if your laid back (unlike me) you will be fine. Because they do a great job with what they do! But they WILL rip you off if your not on top of your stuff!!! I have to tell you this: We decided to not do a cocktail hour. It stressed me out like crazy because she was trying to tell me it wouldn't work. Then, when we had our meeting with her upon arrival, she stated that there would be a charge "event seperation fee" $400. I flipped and dug into my old emails for hours (spent a whole day on this) to prove that i was never told this. She ended up letting that go and It was absolutely FINE to not have one. Saved us $400... I had the champagne toast, (that's included in catholic package) Immediately following the ceremony. We all had our champagne and headed to the beach to take pictures (all 47 of us) the next thing we know, it's the start of the reception (6pm) Greeted with blue drinks and DJ Ivan took over. DJ Ivan and DJDOREMIX is amazing! We ended at 9pm. Did not purchase the extra hour and it was perfect. I'm so glad we saved $800 by choosing not to have the cocktail hour and not to have an extra hour. After, we headed to the club for bottle service with our extra $$ I wouldn't change any of that and I hope this little bit of advice helps you!
  2. We are getting married there in one week!!! My FI is not Catholic and it is fine. We had to be preped by my catholic church but other than that he was not required to be catholic. We are doing the legal stuff when we get home.
  3. I have ordered some really cheap scarfs from eBay... They were a joke. Like tissues! I was so disappointed!
  4. Just a suggestion.... When I picked up my dress the girl suggested that I roll it up and put it in my carry on. Yes, she said "roll" from top to bottom. It's probably going to be freshly pressed/steamed anyway. This way it is not going to get smashed into over head incase it doesn't get hung into the first class coat closet (which is tiny usually) Just wanted to share. What do you guys think?
  5. Please! Tell me more about these LED lights! That you can put in the drinks?
  6. I have been afraid to ask... I have mine already though. What if we just do it....
  7. You have an amazing eye for design! Awesome! And so inspirational.... Now I cant wait to check out your planning thread! Thank you for sharing!
  8. Thank you for the advice! I have never heard of this to be a problem. My friend will be taking my photos as a gift for my wedding. No worries! She travels with her cameras all over the world! Even I take 2-3 cameras with me everywhere I travel. Thank you for your concern.
  9. I have guests staying at both too.... I was concerned that we may not get to see them as much. I'm sure it will be fine though. We are at the gran caribe because we have a 3 year old...I'm jealous of the people at the Royal. At least they can come hang out with us if they want. I just hope it's convenient enough. I've never been there so I imagine that it's close enough to go back and forth if needed.
  10. That's a great idea! I'm sure you would need your Costco membership to go? I don't have one but maybe should get one. I think I'm going to have my aunt do my flowers.
  11. I can't believe how close I am getting! Tomorrow is January 1st! Then I will be pulling my hair out I'm sure! Hope the planning is going good for you all! I love how we can be as laid back or as detailed as we want. All the things I'm working on now are extra detail stuff that either will cost me extra or I can skip if I want. Happy New year everyone!
  12. Just ordered my luggage tags from idgroup! And cards from vista print! Thanks for this thread to lead me in the right direction. I ordered 100 tags and 100 straps =$64 then I did the free business cards on vista. Added a "this bag belongs to" on the back of the cards = $23 I'll have 250 cards but I figure I can order more tags if I need them or just throw the rest away. It was the cheapest prices I could find! And I think they will be great!
  13. I went with my local TA. Nora Blum with Travel Leaders. And ladies....... My wedding is less than 2 months away. I have done some research on the little extra things but have done nothing. I would like to do OOT bags, favors ect ect.... But Im spending all my budget on dj, photo & video. So unless I come up with some extra $ I'm not going to worry about it until I get there. It's going to be just as beautiful and memorable no matter what!
  14. There are so many great brides on here with great ideas! I wanted to start a thread where we can buddy up with other brides getting marriend in the same area at the same time as us! Why aren't more of us networking, and sharing vendors! I'm a hairstylist so I know that the more work the better when you travel to do a job. I'm bringing down my photographer and hair & makeup because it's important to me to have the best that I know of for my day! Flowers Video Hair & makeup Photographer DJ There are so many options! Lets work together!!
  15. Hey, Does anyone know where I can find a sample of Funever's video work? I need to book a videographer ASAP! Any suggestions on other companies would be great as well.
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