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  1. It isn't there anymore. It is now the Sea Monkey... $1 beers and Margaritas...
  2. It looks like it maybe Le Kliff...a restaurant outside of Puerto Vallarta. The website is www.lekliff.com . Hope this helps.
  3. jmred- are you talking about Zona Romantica in Puerto Vallarta? If so it is a little far to go back and forth, about an hour or a little more by bus from Bucerias to Puerto Vallarta by bus, but have never done the trip by taxi so I'm not sure how long that would take, thinking about 30 min or so and about $20-$25.
  4. all beaches in Mexico are public property so it will be hard to find a truly private beach to get married on unless you go outside the resort for the day. Where are you looking into resorts?
  5. every time I go to the vistaprint site and try to "order" something free, my order comes up with a prices per piece. What am I missing to get these free offers?
  6. I am a photographer (living in Calgary) formally lived in Puerto Vallarta, also a wedding photographer.. what are the rules on this forum for advertising when I will be there and able to work for brides on the forum?
  7. Getting married at a villa June 4th 2012. Dress Bought, invites sent!
  8. Ok no worries. They are nice. Too bad about the shipping, hope that you find a buyer soon.
  9. I am in Calgary, Alberta Canada so I'm not sure how much shipping would be but if they are still available I am really interested. My postal code is T2K0W6.
  10. Also interested in the blue and green. Need about 25 in total.
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