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  1. Hello Maja....just checking to see if you rec'd my response. I sent it from my blackberry last night but wasn't sure it went through.
  2. I was married in Oct. 2011 at Dreams Pam Beach (fabulous place, highly recommend). I am located in Calgary and am now finally clearly out the post wedding items. I have posted a list under "Buy,Sell, Trade, etc", with the title.....Post Wedding Items Canada. Have a look there for items ladies because you can pay me in Cdn $ and not have to pay for shipping....you can come to my house and see the lot of stuff I have.
  3. oops lost the pic i think.....here's the bag.......I also got water bottles from them...
  4. I got these bags from 4imprint.....they have both.ca and .com, i think. They are waterproof and every guest used it! I think they came in at about $3.00 each. I choose these because the day follwoing the wedding i took all guests on the Punta Cana wedding boat and I knew that we'd be transported by a smaller boat first, so i was thinking of something hands free---worked likje a charm!
  5. Ladies----I also am in Calgary and was married in Punta Cana at Dreams Palm Beach in Oct. 2011. I spent many, many hours on this site while in the planning stages and I must apologize for not posting reviews and info as yet....I'm getting there and will have it up shortly. Just know there is nothing like a destination wedding and your guests will love it, regardless of the "stuff" you are so concerned about. Relax and enjoy the build up. I am now clearing out my post wedding items. I have posted a thread under "buy, sell, trade, etc" titled, Post Wedding Items Canada. The thread didn't allow m
  6. Hello ladies----I got married at Dreams Palm Beach in Oct. 2011. Suffice to say all was wonderful and fabulous...I'll post pics soon. Re: A/C. I ate in 2 of the four specialty restaurants. Although it was not "blowing cold air", it was not hot either. My opinion and that of all my guests is that the French was by far the best! I am located in Calgary, AB and just posted a thread under "Buy, Sell, Trade, etc." with a list of post wedding items I am selling. Words of advice/experience----don't stress yourself and don't load yourself down with "stuff'. It is paradise in itself and truly no abund
  7. Hello ladies! I got married at Dreams Palm Beach in Punta Cana in Oct. 2011. My apologies for not getting on here with reviews and feedbacks---but it's been madness since my return. I'm now starting the organizing with clearing out of unused items......as I am in Calgary, I thought I'd let you all know I just posted items for sale under the Buy, Sale, Trade thread...it is titled.....Post Wedding Sale Canada....It didn't allow me to indicate you could pay in Cdn $ but I will certainly do that. For those of you planning and getting excited, it will be worth every penny and moments of stress! It
  8. Found some more items I had forgotten. They include: Hair bling, includes 2 bling backcombs, 2 packs of bling bobby pins ($12 per pack) (a few missing from one pack and a hair flower. Flower is white with backcomb feather and bling. Total value approx $60; asking $15 takes all. Bling stones and glue --2 turquoise and 2 white packages of stones...fabulous items. Purchased at Micheals for between $6 and $14 each! I bought these to do "something" on the sole of my shoes but ran out of time: asking $25 for all
  9. I found them at Office Depot (they all since pulled out of Canada).
  10. Just to confirm...at the end of the posting it asked me to put in a price....I simply put in $2.00.....Items are individually priced, NOT $2.00...see postings.
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