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  1. Shipping is to Us addresses only. The cost is just to high to Canada to make it worth it for you. Send me a PM if you want full details.
  2. Hi Ladies. I've got 30 straw beach bags that would be perfect to stuff with goodies for your guests as they arrive to your beach wedding. Each bag is lined with a colorful cotton fabric in bright beach colors, pink, blue, aqua, orange, lime green. If you are concerned about a color scheme you only see the lining when you look into the bag and can always stuff tissue paper in it with your own color. I bought them from target for my destination wedding and we've had to cancel. But I'm sure one of you lovely brides will do great things with them. I'm selling them as a group and shipping wou
  3. Hey Ladies. Wanted to let you know that I was able to great rate for my guests by booking through a member. It was really easy, got a cheaper rate for guests and was able to get group benefits. Feel free to PM me if you want further details.
  4. I was able to get a great rate through a member of the Palace Resorts. It was really easy, got a gret rate for my guests and we were able to get the group benefits. It's definately worth looking into. You can PM me if you want more details.
  5. What a beautiful dress! You look gorgeous! Â Congratulations! Â
  6. What's good ladies? No action on this thread lately. The Save the Dates are in the mail! The contract is signed! The website is up and running! Photographer chosen! And we are thrilled! Â What's good with the rest of you Beach Palace Brides?
  7. Eunice! Thank you so much for posting. They did a fabulous job! You look beautiful! My hair is similar to yours (the natural curls a little tighter which makes my hair a little thicker) but it would be the same process. So if she could work yours she can work mine!  Do you know if they go to Cancun?  Quote: Originally Posted by eunice.kindred Hi all  I went to do a site visit a few weeks ago and had a trial done by Norma Fernandez - who works for MAC in Cancun. She is SUUUUPER nice and did an AWESOME job for my trial and her prices are soo much more reasonable c
  8. Jackie_C, Â How far in advance of the wedding did you arrive? I was just starting to think of the logistics of carrying linens and decor stuff and getting all that stuff situated and carrying to OOT bag stuff and getting bags stuffed and delivered before guest arrive. Â How much time do youthink it would take and do you think my fiance and I could carry all that stuff with us?
  9. Jackie you look beautiful! I am so inspired by your look. I was so afraid that my dress was going to be too formal and out of place for a destination wedding. But now seeing how beautiful you looked, I'm totally psyched!
  10. Hey AshleyNicole. Â Depending on the cost for the hotel to provide it I'm planning on bringing some decor stuff as well. There are lots of places to look for stuff but I think Jackie's recomendation to look see what brides on the boards recommend is best. Â You could also go to a fabric shop and make stuff yourself if you're crafty. Â As for photographers, my Miami wedding coordinator said I can bring in a photographer for the day if I buy a day pass for them. So you'll have lots of options. The brides on this boards have written extensively about ones that they like. I star
  11. Thanks for the kind words. I had such a hard time getting in the spirit of dress shopping. No matter what I tried on it just seemed like another white dress. when I tried this dress on my sister and best friend, who are maids of honors, cried. And the mom's who were there shopping with their daughters just said, "honey you better get that dress." So I got it. Everyone just thought it looked great on my skin tone. Â But now I'm started to get really excited cause I took it to a wonderful seamstress and she took off the bow, is making the neck line a sweet heart neckline and made the
  12. We're all set for June 18, 2011. We're expecting about 50-60 guests, so we'll have private functions and all that jazz. Â Its cool to have private functions, not so cool to have to figure out how to pay for decor. It also drives up the extras. Â For example, I'm currently in the process of choosing between decor, extras like fire works for ceremony and fire dancers for rehearsal dinner, and a top quality photographer. At the end of the day, somethings' gotta give. Â Did you use the hotel's photographer or did you handle that another way? Are you satisfied with your pictures?
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