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  1. Great information thanks for sharing this with us.In fact in all posts of this post their is something to learn . your work is very good and i appreciate your work and hopping for some more informative posts . Again thanks.
  2. Superb collections of hairpin. I like all designs. Triple strands of various sized freshwater pearls are accented with vintage faceted crystals with a bit of a twist to the drape. This is superb. Thank you for sharing..
  3. Key West has many salons which specialize in bridal hair and makeup. Even if you're are having a simple wedding, a professional style can make you feel special on your wedding day.
  4. Really this day is very important part of life for everyone. Everyone has a dream about wedding days. They plan for this day how to make special this day. I love these all photographic. Wow I really appreciate this wedding. I hope both of you are happy who got marriage.
  5. This is the best idea…. The cruise wedding party is best. It's perfect if for the wedding party and We are planning a wedding on the Carnival Fantasy.
  6. Wow! This is the best idea…. The placeto arrange wedding party is best. It's perfect if for the wedding party or just a simple party. I can have that setting to my wedding dinner date. Thank you for sharing this post.
  7. It was absolutely fabulous! There were about 30 guests. It is a little bit away from the fun part of the city from what I remember. I have been trying to find info on the resort and have not found too much....it makes me nervous.
  8. I am so glad you were happy with Andrew! These pictures are awesome. His style is unique, creative, casual (not overly processed), and beautiful! Andrew picked us up in a car he’d rented and drove us all over Puerto Morels, both in town and on remote stretches of beach. He has such a creative eye and the pictures from that day are breathtaking!
  9. Butterfly Enchantress looks beautiful in hairs with wedding dress.
  10. Lorilou I like your links. This is very helpful for hair and makeup. Thank you for sharing.
  11. I am getting hungry to see this site. I defiantly try them. Thank you for sharing.
  12. They usually choose an anniversary or a long weekend so guests can have a chance to make a vacation out of it. Puerto Vallarta is not only a place with natural wonders and spectacular breathtaking places, but it is also a destination with four well-defined seasons, for that same reason they should profit from each season’s advantages and include them into the planning, organization and operation of the event. You can go there on November for our site visit and the weather was warm but not too hot.
  13. My sister and I recently visited PV, while there we decided the Outdoor adventure was something that we would like to do.One of the BEST choices of activities for the week! This tour was awesome. The sights were unreal! Favorite part was repelling into the water at the bottom of the water fall, as well as the free fall repel o and racing on the last zip line. This was fabulous.
  14. Although brides are a major focus of any wedding day, with guests straining to catch their first glimpses of the gown and the bouquet, there are also other sights that people greatly anticipate as well and this includes modern wedding cakes. In fact, more and more people are beginning to await their first view of the cake with a great deal of anticipation because these are now a primary element of a wedding theme. The latest trend for wedding cakes is that they do not necessarily have to be the standard tiers of white on white icing with a simple cake topper placed on the highest level.
  15. Wow! Terrible experience. I have been communicating with her and still thinking about booking with her, this is awesome place. Thank you for sharing.
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