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  1. We got married Dec 3rd. Ceremony started at 6pm and we had about 20 mins of light for photos and still some will be dark. We had a trash the dress the following day so were not too worried about this as we had bride and BMs and Grooms and GM pictures in the light before the wedding. Hope that helps.
  2. Ladies who had more than 50 guests at their wedding.. do you know if the table next to the buffet is really far away from the other tables? The seating arrangement Kelly sent me looks like it is. I don't want those guests to feel left out!
  3. 20 days.... should I contact Kathie or does she contact me???
  4. 27 days to go until we leave for PV. I feel like I must be missing something because other than alterations on my dress everything is pretty much done.
  5. Hello ladies, We leave for PV in 28 days and I am feeling like I should have more to do... I am pretty organized and have done a lot of things in advance. Does anyone have a list of TO DO items for the last month leading up to the wedding? Or things that I might miss? Thanks again.
  6. @Mich Craw - How sweet are you? Thank you so much! I am really happy with the dress and how it all fits. It's a lovely dress and I feel lovely in it! YEAH, dress twins. It's such a gorgeous dress. I can't wait to see your pictures in it! Your wedding is a little bit before mine. Good luck lady! It seems there are lots of lovely ladies with the same lovely dress. When are you expecting yours in?
  7. Yikes.... sorry to hear things are not going as well as they should. I am pretty good with designing things in Photoshop... if you need help with the program I can lend a hand just let me know...
  8. Just picked my dress yesterday! It was perfect timing when they called to tell me if was there since I had JUST finished my hair trail at the salon. It fits perfect and all I need is a bustle.
  9. ENJOY every minute! Have an amazing time!! Can't wait to hear all about it!
  10. Oh and we will have custom T-Shirts and Tanks for them as well
  11. I have 5 girls. They all bought their own dresses they were $50 on sale at Jacob. I bought them each an Itsa Bag http://www.theitsa.com/classic-luxury-itsa.asp And I also bought them all custom made clay necklaces. They will also get a special OOT Bag. So on top of the Playing cards and word find/crossword, First Aid kit, meds (advil, pepto, imodium, tums), Kleenex, wet wipes, shout wipes, tide packs and hand sanitizer. (everyone else will be getting) My ladies get get Dry shampoo, SPF 30, Charmed Life B&BW Lotion and Pocket-Bac, sewing kit from Michaels, Nail File & nail polish remover pad and travel candle. Boys get a little more of a "guys" themed OOT bag that I am still putting together. The guys are also getting Multi Tool collar stays. I love them they are soo awesome....
  12. Did you use the "Share Site" option that gives you a customized "webpage" or just the standard Shutterfly site?
  13. no, looked high and low... best thing i found was 10ct Advil/Tylenol @ Costco & Real Canadian Superstore.
  14. Where did you get your Earrings? They are beautiful!!! We share the same colours!
  15. What program do you have on your computer to create the template? Do you have Photoshop? I wouldn't mind helping you out a bit if you need. Here is my boarding pass:
  16. How many activity/crossword books, luggage tags and passport holders do you have?
  17. luvmoo.... You might want to try Laura (they have a petite and plus and Additionelle is also a part of them as well so they often have the same colour dye lots. I will keep my eyes open for something that might work.
  18. Hi Ladies, If you have kids in attendance at your wedding Michaels has some great kids items for OOTs. I bought set of two sand molds, mini beach ball, Toy Story/Car Maracas, activity books, toys, frisbees, and some other games for 45 cents. I bought enough to fill 4 kids bags for about $20.
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