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  1. Reading ths post has been like a breath of fresh air, as i am currently having "jitters".
  2. Hi Dania! I am working with Noelia as well.
  3. Congrats and Welcome! I am getting married at PPR 4/30/11
  4. lol, I totally understand. I did join the gym at work on Thursday. The good thing is that there are about five other women in my department that did as well. So hopefully we'll all motivate each other.
  5. Hi Dania! Cool Beans! Wish package are you going with? As of now I have 20 rooms booked and counting, I think i'll end up with about 50 people. I've selected the Fantasy package. Who are you working with at PPR?
  6. April 30. 2001 s my date as well! Paradisus Palma Real- Punta Cana
  7. Finding this Site has been the best thing! I too would like to lose at least 20 pounds for my wedding. It's so funny because people are always like have you gone dress shopping, when are you going dress shopping, and im like i refuse to go try on a dress. I know how i am , it's only gonna send me into a funk. I joined WW in March, did well for a while but always found it hard to keep track on the weekends. I started walking this week a few times, I cannot say that I am too busy to workout because lately all i do is go home and hang out with the fi. But I just cannot seem to get motivated.
  8. Would someone with the Boat price info please forward it to me?
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