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  1. Hi Mel, We had a symbolic ceremony because we are getting married in the church this weekend. We were supposed to get married at the Chapel at the Majestic but we had paperwork issues. Pastor York performed the ceremony. He did a nice job. I think I contacted him by email but Mayte had offered to. He is very easy to access by email. I am pretty sure that she can do this for you with Pastor York or a judge.
  2. Wow, Your wedding is so close! I chose the first menu but paid a few more dollars and added the caprese salad (delicious) and I replaced the french fries with rice and had a nice vegetable. So I basically kept the entrees and upgraded the side stuff. For the appetizers we did the chicken skewers, mozzarella sticks, shrimp, jellypops and maybe one more. Everything was delicious!! Yes there was music during the ceremony. Mayte runs all of that with the DJ. Just let her know what you want. Good Luck and relax and enjoy every minute!
  3. Ang Marie...just a quick word of advice about the Chapel Wedding. We had Catholic Chapel Ceremony totally booked, invitations were send out and everything. When we met with our Church and were finally given the Pre-Cana dates that our Diocese offered...none fell within the timeframe that the Bishop in DR wanted. So we ended up moving our Ceremony to the beach at the Jellyfish and are having a Catholic Ceremony next weekend here in NY like eight weeks after our Destination Ceremony. Book your pre-cana ASAP and get all of your paperwork down there as soon as you can. They are very strict there. Hopefully you are all over it and don't run into the problems with dates like we did, Good Luck!!! Kimberly
  4. Oh...you girls are soo lucky!! I LOVED being a November Jellyfish Bride.Best decision we made!! Let me know if I can help you with anything!!! -Kimberly
  5. Hi Amie, My dress is at the dry cleaners now and he seems to think that it survived the TTD. I don't have it back yet though!!
  6. Hi Mel, I think that they are really just catching up from the holidays and I think this is their prime season. I also maybe remember Mayte saying that she was going away for a bit too. Just bear with her...she will definitely get back to you. The ride from the Majestic is definitely about twenty minutes. The roads are just a little crowded and it takes a bit to get there but they are not bumppy. But... the road that you turn down to get the the Jellyfish is definitely bumpy to say the least. John and I were totally cracking up when we went ther to meet Mayte that we wanted someone to film our guests faces when they are going down the road. But it is sooo worth it because then you pull up to the Jellyfish and it is just gorgeous. All of my guests loved it there!! You can actually just walk like three miles down the beach from the Majestic and get to the Jellyfish. A couple of our guests did that one day because they were going to the little market next door. But they actually decided to take a water taxi back because they said it was a long walk. We honeymooned at the Paridissus Palma Real and that hotel was actually a short walk to the Jellyfish so we went back the last night of our honeymoon and had dinner there.
  7. Hi, We orderd our cake through Mayte. You can pretty much get any flavor you can think of. We decided on a two tier square cake with totally different flavors in each layer. The cake tasted amazing. And she arranged it beautifully with flowers, ribbons around the layers and our cake topper.
  8. If you are going to bring your own alcohol, I strongly suggest that you buy alcohol at the duty free shop flying into Punta Cana. And even have some guests do the same for you. We tried to buy alcohol when we got there and realoozed that the duty free was sooo much cheaper. We hosted a welcome cocktail party. We ordered a bunch of appetizers and hired a bartender to pour our alcohol. It saved us a ton of $$. And then we had the party set up at the piano bar instead of the parrot bar where we originally intended to have it. There is no charge to use the piano bar and $400 for the parrot bar. And then we brought the left over higher end alcohol with us to the bars that we hung out at and served it at the rehersal dinner as well. So we had a "high end" bar at all of our events. Saved us more than five hundred dollars.
  9. Hi, My six bridesmaids and I had our hair done by the stylists at the Majestic Colonial in November. They did the most beautiful job! They went outside and cut fresh orchids right off of the tree outside and put them in everyone's hair. Everyone just sat down in the chair and they just started styling one after the next. I showed them a picture but everyone else just gave them a quick idea of what they wanted or didn't say anything at all. All of us were absolutely thrilled. We did not have our make up done by them. Good luck!!
  10. Hi Mel 2010, The weather was perfect while we were there. We never had more than an hour of rain and we were there for two weeks. Some days were a little bit overcast but it was welcomed and still plenty warm. One day we it was really hot and sunny and it was too much. We really appreciated the little bit of cloud cover we had a lot. We would definitely go back in November again. The beach at Jellyfish is beautiful with plenty of tall palm trees. They also have palapas and chairs set up with cover. The seating for the ceremony was out in the open but I think they plan the ceremonies right around sunset for the most part. Everyone was totally comfortable the day of our wedding but we gratefully did not have the sun deating down on us My family is actually discussing going back down there at the same time next year. The weather was great and the resort was not too busy at all. We were very comfortable overall. Let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to help any way that I can.
  11. Mayte is so swamped with emails. She answers between 40 and 100 a day. She does everything herself so that when you come for your weddng she knows exactly what was discussed and promised to you. She is absolutely amazing at what she does!! And one of the kindest and warmest people we have ever met. You wont be disappointed!!
  12. Hi Ladies, I posted a bunch of pics of our November 13, 2010 at The Jellyfish on their Facebook page.Ours is the wedding with all of the blues. It was the best decision we made to move our Wedding there. We could not have been any more thrilled with how everything looked, tasted and how well our guests were treated. It is an amazing place!!
  13. We were married in November in Dominican Republic and we are having our AHR in January. I am wearing my dress. The Bridesmaids wanted to wear theirs. The Groom and the Groomsmen are going to wear dark suits and we are buying them all matching ties. The Groom felt that it would be too cold in NY for the guys to wear their linen shirts. We cannot wait for the party!!
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