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  1. I REALLY need some insight. We are having a big reception back home a few weeks after we get married in Maui. Do I wear my wedding gown?? Or do I go out and buy an evening gown to wear?? What do destination brides do? Any suggestions, past experiences would be SO helpful. Thanks!!! Heather
  2. Ok, good to know. Is the Feast at Lele still a luau with the Hawaiian traditional stuff behind it? Heather
  3. Hey, I need a little insight from brides who had a destination wedding, or are going to have one. We are having a reception back home in MN a few weeks after we get back, what do you wear?? It will be at a really nice restaurant with a dance/dj after apps/wine. Help!
  4. We are now torn between Kauai or Maui??? We can't decide which island to get married on. Also any insight to resorts on either island would be GREAT!! Thanks, Heather
  5. Thanks! Yeah, that is exactly what i'm doing. I think we've now chosen Maui because October is peak hurricane season in the Carrib, not sure we want to deal with that.
  6. I just got engaged, YAY!!! We ideally want to get married in Maui. We want to get married on the beach, barefoot in the sand, and a luau style reception (not necessarily private luau). Any suggestions as to where to start?? Should I contact a local travel agent to help us weed through some resorts? We also thought of St. Lucia as a possibility, it's just that nothing is like HAWAII!! Any suggestions would be so appreciated! Heather
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