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    June 9, 2011 Island of Oahu (Hawaii) Ceremony - Paradise Cove
  2. And it tasted amazing!! Top tier was lemon drop, middle tier was Oreo, and bottom was just there for looks (Styrofoam). Even the fondant had a good marshmallow-y flavor! If you're getting married in Oahu - use A Cake Life!! I was so pleased with the cake!!
  3. I had posted the sketch before and I got to see the real thing a few weeks ago! I loved it! Here it is:
  4. We just got ours: one suit and 3 pairs of pants. We got the Irish Linen suits in gray and everything fits exactly to the measurements we sent in for all the guys - they look fantastic!!
  5. I wanted the top Styrofoam, but she was real adamant that because of the guest size, it had to be the bottom or we'd have way too much left overs. So, in my pics I'll be cutting the middle tier. . maybe I'll have to fake cut the bottom for a couple lol
  6. I love this idea especially since I don't have a single picture of my Fi actually smiling! And we aren't having a professional photographer at the reception. This is actually another BDW template and I just changed it to be specific to us and Hawaii (Oahu). I think our prize will be the dashboard hula dancer or something silly like that. I really liked the idea of showing this at the AHR! Picture_scavenger_hunt.doc
  7. Wow! Everything looks so great! I love those Bloom Boxes! Great idea!
  8. That's where we ordered them. The sizes vary A LOT! Half of them we can use to attach program too, the other half; too small! If I had more guests coming, I would have had to go back and order more.
  9. Here's my first attempt at using my Cricut to DIY wine glasses! There are some bubbles, but you can only tell close up and it's really hard to tell on the black. What I used: Tie the Knot cartridge Monogram Design Floursh4 Design Outdoor vinyl for circut machines bought on eBay (put on outside of glass - can be hand washed) Speed 3 Pressure 4 Blade 5 Size 3 for monogram Size 1.5 for flourish design - real dial size on
  10. I know linen wrinkles really easy, so I'm nervous about how they end up looking by the end of the night. . . we're ordering the Irish Linen suit in mid-gray along with 3 of the matching pants. . Can you see the wrinkles in wedding pictures?
  11. BeachBound2011

    Real Touch flowers...HELP!

    I LOVE my real touch flowers from http://www.wedideas.com/ Here are mine (with the roses) and my BM - exactly as I ordered them! They are SOOO great to work with! I have been 100% happy every step of the way! Good Luck!
  12. Thank you ladies! I knew I could come here and get support for my non-destinationy wedding dress! Everyone keeps telling me: "it's really pretty, are you sure you want to take that to Hawaii?" Hello! I knew where I was getting married when I got the dress!! Thanks again ladies!!
  13. Here's mine. It'll be here 1 month before the wedding - cutting it a little close!! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one not wearing a "destination" wedding dress. The ceremony is in a garden next to the beach, so it'll work just fine with the train, I think.
  14. Thank you for these instructions! Fi and I spent this evening watching TV, sitting next to each other, doing this DIY project - it was really great! On my computer the pink looks red, but they are watermelon pink and orange - I love them! Now I just have to find instructions on how to attach the programs!
  15. BeachBound2011

    Maui or Oahu?

    We're getting married in Oahu because it's cheaper (well that's one reason). It would be kinda cool to get married where you got engaged. If his brother hadn't already had a destination wedding in Jamaica that's where we would have gotten - we got engaged there last year. Maui is very pretty, but where in Hawaii isn't?!