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  1. I think I love Martha even more... she's a genius and so much stuff I wouldn't have thought of! I must be a bad host...;-)
  2. Sorry if this has been asked but I have been SEARCHING. What are the little stick people called that are the "Too Much Fun" "Too Much Booze" that people use for their OOT bags? I'm trying to design my labels and can't figure out where they are from. Specifically I'm looking for the ones I have seen...Too Much Booze, Fun, Food, and then I can't think of a 4th (most of you do sun but we're in the snow...) Thanks for any help and sorry if it's a re-ask!
  3. I don't know this for sure but I bet people used different labels...or made their own. I can't promise this but usually I have seen people use things that weren't meant for what they stuck them on...
  4. We're close enough :-) Kirkland...Tukwila...Seattle...we'll represent the Seattle suburbs
  5. Tammy, I'm still pretty new but have appreciated the changes. I already log hours a day on here so I am excited to see things are going smooth post conversion!
  6. Ahhh! I made my 150th and it's been like 10 minutes. I'm not patient. Lol! Can't wait!
  7. I'm Seattle too...(Kirkland)...there must be more of us! We're a giant city!
  8. I love the idea of aisle runners always...be creative and test it out first!
  9. I personally live near a mall yes, but I'm getting married out of state. Thanks for the advice though.
  10. My fiance and I need a song to leave to...recessional I think it is? Guest seating: Atreyu-The Theft Rise Against-Swing Life Away one of the breaking Benjamin Songs...can't remember which Processional (Bridal Party) 1, 2, 3, 4-Plain White Tees Me: Killswitch Engage-Without a Name Anyone recognize any of these bands? Anyone have some "fitting" suggestions?
  11. Well depending on your music taste you probably won't like my help :-) We're having Rise Against-Swing Life Away Atreyu-The Theft Something Breaking Benjamin.... can't remember I'm walking down the aisle to Killswitch Engage (super soft music, not normal Killswitch) It fits us! Thought I'd throw it out there
  12. I'm having my girls walk to 1, 2, 3, 4 by Plain White Tees... I love it! Maybe you will too!
  13. Tough situation....I like the idea of playing it as they wait. Unlike most people I'm walking down the aisle to my own song so can't time it around the other attendants. Let it build up the anticipation!
  14. I was just at a wedding that did single ladies...it was cute! Though some of the people didn't seem super excited because it points out the "single" thing. I went to another wedding that did "wanna-be" by spice girls and included ALL females..it was cute.
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