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  1. I think it's your aunts place to tell your Mum if she's taking over. If I were you I'd just be grateful that she isn't being like that with the wedding! Is there another job you can give to your mum to make her feel involved? I didn't think my mum was going to be that crazy over my wedding but she started to take over. For example a few times I've heard her respond to questions from friends and family saying "WE'RE" doing this or that, and that really made me angry!! A lot of the time it was things I hadn't even mentioned and she made the decision for me!! haha. I found that if I set her a task then she'd put all her energy into that and she'd stop interfering. In my case it didn't have to be an important job, but things like finding me a certain size, shape and colour organza bags. Kept her off my back for a while and she felt like she was really helping...(which she was actually)..
  2. I originally paid for the sem-private reception were they mark off a little section for you and your party, but I had a hard think about it and I do really really want a 1st dance. Another thing we thought was that speeches will be a nightmare. If you're in a busy restaurant if one of you stand up to say a few words every one will be looking at you and listening in and that would really p*ss me off. I recently just upgraded to a private reception on the beach which cost me an extra $15 per head but to me thats worth it. You get 3 hrs rather than 1.5, a dance floor, use of the sound system, decorations, etc. We too have a very tight budget but the 1st dance and speeches was something that was really important to us so we had to find the money.
  3. I'd be offended if it were me and me personally I would have politely declined. But as it's too late for that I would definately insist that any additional costs are covered by them.
  4. Im stuck on this one. My fiances father died when he was 12 so I never got to meet him. But the thing is, he used to beat up his Mum. Obviously it was hard for my fiance because he was only young, and obviously he still loved his dad and misses him. I want to encorporate something into the wedding about his Dad, but then at the same time I don't want to because I don't believe in woman beaters. I'm not sure if that sounds incredibly insensitive.
  5. We both put a certain amount from our salaries into our joint account each month which should be enough to cover everything, but because I get really into the planning I can sometimes get excited and buy things. If I took the money out the wedding fund then there wouldn't be enough to cover everything. So rather than ask my man to put more into the fund (which he won't anyway, he's adament that we already pay enough) I just pay for it myself. I'd rather that than ask him to contribute cos he just doesn't get it and he'll think the extra stuff is a waste. If he was left to the planning we'd have no decorations or anything. Men!
  6. YAY I finally found my dress!!! Like the others say, when you know you just know. As soon as I put my dress on I fell in love. I just felt so special and beautiful in it. I felt quite emotional aswel!  My wedding is in March 2011 and I ordered my dress a couple of days ago and it's due in for Feb 2011, so I left it as late as I could to buy the dress really. So a warning to those brides that are leaving it late, you need to make a decision around the 6 month mark to avoid disappointment.  It's a Cosmobella dress. I was originally only wanting to spend £600 including dress, veil and shoes. But my dress came to £755, my veil £145 and my shoes £185, so I've gone wayyyy over but I don't care.  Heres the dress but mines in Ivory, and to be honest the picture does the dress no justice at all!..  Â
  7. Hi girls, just need some suggestions. Â I'm using the Lego figure below for my place names and I need help thinking of ways of how to incorporate the actual names on them. Â The obvious, easy solution would just to have a ribbon attached with a piece of card with the guests name but I would like some other suggestions please. Â All ideas welcome! Â Thanks! Â Â
  8. Exactly Ginger. Â Once you mention the word 'Wedding' people start seeing pound signs and think you'll throw any amount of money at it because it's your wedding. I'm sorry but wedding or not I refuse to be ripped off. Â If $300 is the difference between getting the ceremony perfect and some thing stupid like some one sitting in the wrong seat, I'd rather make that little mistake and keep my $300 thanks! Â Like you, we've all travelled together before, in a larger group in fact, and never had any problems being looked after so I know there won't be an issue.
  9. Whilst you might not be able to do a full wedding rehersal, you will be talked through what's going to happen by your wedding coordinator. So once you know what the minister will be doing and whatever else will happen, theres nothing stopping you going to the gazebo in the night time and doing a rehersal. Ok the chairs won't be there and you'll have to picture things in your head but you can still get a feel for what it will be like.
  10. How many of you are there? If theres only a few it seems silly to pay out money when you can have free food and drink in the hotel restaurant. Â Im just going to suggest to every one that we go to dinner together, but to be honest we'd do that every night anyway, but having said that there is only 11 of us. Im sure if we ask the staff they'll push some tables together for us.
  11. Hi, I'd guess they were the same thing because I've seen photos of people getting a massage in the wedding gazebo, so when they haven't got a wedding on they must use it as part of the spa.
  12. ..... I was merely making a suggestion to present an alternative to any brides that were a bit apprehensive about buying from China, like me. Â To answer some ones post earlier, alot of adverts state the dress has already been professionally cleaned, if not, they make allowances in the asking price of the dress. And as alot of brides aren't ordering custom made sizes from China because of the risk, they too will still have the cost of alterations. Also, If you search second hand dresses for your area it will be on your own currency so won't seem as pricey as when your looking at it through the exchange rate. Â Whilst a few brides have been ecstatic about their China dresses (as you should be about your wedding dress), more have been unsure or have not liked it at all, which worries me. I was seriously considering buying from China, and whilst it is still an option, I think I'd prefer to try the second hand route first. Â I just thought this way your getting the exact dress you wan't at near enough the same cost if not slightly more.
  13. Rather than buying knock offs from China, have you ladies thought about just purchasing the designer dress you want second hand?  Don't get me wrong, the knock off dresses posted on here are beautiful, but in my opinion you can tell the difference between the original designer dress and the knock off.  When it comes to clothes a lot of people say your paying for the label, which is true to a certain extent, but you're also paying for the quality of workmanship and fabrics.  I've just been trauling the internet and I've found second hand Maggie Sottero dresses listed as £400 or nearest offer. That means you could probably get it for about £300 which is what some ladies have paid for the knock offs.  If you just type second hand wedding dresses in google loads of sites come up. This way you can try the actual dress on if the seller lives near you. Or you can try the exact same dress on in the shop before you buy it from the seller so you'll know exactly how it will be.
  14. I love when things like that happen because it makes it feel like it was meant to be. I'm currently how you were, Im worried I'm never going to find 'The' dress! Â Good luck for trying it on, hope it's the one! x
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