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  1. this is what i sent topsparnter, i actually pasted together different dresses...the skirt was inspired by LA Sposa Desmont dress.. and then the top was taken from some random v-neck dress I found online with a corset back I don't remember which sorry!
  2. I wanted to post a link here to my wedding pics so that you all could see the dress i got from topspartner! everyone loved it! they couldnt believe it was from china, and only cost 300 dollars. even the photographers were impressed. The loved they way it flowed. I can't wait to get my underwater pics back and see it in action. lol anyway pics http://lalunaphotographers.com/blog/gallery/jonathan/weddings/marisela-kevin/
  3. correct, they seem to move it around. and they are more likely to move it than not. If you did want it, i would ask.
  4. I did not ask them to put it there. it just appeared the day before. I think if they have room to leave it they will, but not sure. It did add great ambiance though!
  5. ok so quick review. Let me say we loved this resort, it was smallish not to big so by our third day everyone seemed to know our names. It was perfect. There was one other wedding the same night as mine. I found this out when I went to the spa for my hair appointment and here entire entourage was there, and I had to wait another 1/2 hour. I don't know if the other bride knew how obnoxious her guests were being, but the staff kept apologizing to me and were clearly frustrated with them. Ramon was amazing!! He was able to work some magic and help us stay in budget. I cannot thank h
  6. I wonder if you saw my wedding?!?! I had a smallish wedding 30 guests, long white table, it was AMAZING! details later
  7. oh forgot to ad I got my shoes yesterday!!! they will work perfectly for the deck where our reception and coctail hour is. I didn't want to get a heel stuck between the slats.
  8. yes b/c it is included in our package but only 20 pics i think,., so we hired La Luna and are doing TTD with del sol!!!!! I'm soooooo excited about the pics!!! that was my splurge!
  9. we leave in 7 weeks!! so much to do, ours is Nov 4th.We leave on Oct 30th (jet blue rescheduled our flight for one day earlier, I shoudl call them its costing us another night at the hotel,,, in paradise but still its expensive!)
  10. love the little pompom flowers on your arch, where did you get those???
  11. I am! We just tried to get something different at every stage. two hot and two cold apps, we did chicken and beef apps and fish for dinner. That way we can try a little of everything. Also if you have a large portion of people who are allergic to fish or something it might be easier to go with the chicken or beef. Thats really the only thought I put into it. I can't go down and sample the food so its pretty much a guessing game. I'm hoping the atmosphere will be what people remember!
  12. I hope you were replying to me! things are going well, i'm trying to figure out hot to get votives down there for my table decorations!
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