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  1. Hi Ladies Well i thought i had managed to steal a bargain with the bridesmaids shoes however it's ended in disappointment and i am back to square 1!!!! 1 pair of the shoes arrived but they were marked with some kind of red ink and the rest of the order barratts were unable to fulfil so i have had to organise a full refund and start searching again i am gutted as they were perfect and exactly what i was looking for but hey ho back to the drawing board. Charmaine....The shoes are really pretty will definatly have a look at that site, not sure what the boys are wearing as shaun wants to choose it himself!! last time we spoke they was talk about white linen suits but still no decision made will keep you posted though, what about you have you made any decisions? It's scary to think i am now only 10 months away aarrgghhhhhh thats going to whizz by whoooo Vicki x
  2. Herbie.....The necklace is beautiful very lucky bridesmaids they are stunning. Love the rings too lovely with the diamonds and so elegant its gorgeous hun, we have decided to go for plain bands as well purely because of the same reason as Nicky xx
  3. Hi Ladies Well i ordered the bridesmaids shoes today got a real bargain £13.00 a pair from pricelessshoes.co.uk i am so chuft thought i would have had to spend loads more than that so really pleased They have all different coloures in satin material so might be worth a look ladies if you haven't managed to get your maids shoes yet i got ivory Another thing ticked off the list
  4. Josie.....My hen weekend is end of July 29th-31st i am so looking forward to it, i really wanted to do something different so pleased with my decision. Charmaine.....Its great you and Wayne have made a decision and the gazebo on the cliff is absolutley gorgeous it will be stunning, so happy for you hun how strange that we both are no longer marrying at the gran caribe lol. Vicki xx
  5. Hi Josie The suit is lovely where is it from? if you dont mind me asking I have decided on my hen party as the boys are off to canada us lovely ladies are off to newquay for a fab weekend of cocktail making, beach BBQ's, Pamper session, 3 course meal and club VIP passes and then before we leave a full proper afternoon tea
  6. Hi Charmaine Sorry to hear your dilemma it is such a hard decision to make but at the end it should be whats most important to you and your H2B and what you want. As you know we originally were planning for a Mexico wedding but after many conversations we made a decision to marry in Cyprus and since making this decision we have been so much happier as the people who we want there are able to come because its not as expensive and most importantly to us it feels more acheiveable with regards cost and i now actually feel like i am getting married as quite a lot of it is now paid for so we can now breath a sigh of relief. To begin with my heart was totally set on Mexico and when we made the decision to change destination i was a bit gutted and upset but all round i new it was best and now i am really excited and looking forward to my Cyprus wedding and feel i have made the right decision and i absolutley love the place we are getting married and i dont regret it. Go with what you and your H2B want, its your special day. Vicki x
  7. I bought my fans for the ceremony last night yay so pleased because i have been looking for them everywhere at a reasonable price i really wanted the silk personalised fans but decided it wasn't going to happen without paying loads of money for them so opted for paper ones as i am trying to keep costs down. I got 15 of the blue ones And 15 ivory ones These are my shoes that arrived as well from light in the box some of you might remember i ordered them they are lovely and much better than i expected i would totally recommend them if your trying to keep costs low for things like shoes, bags etc I have also decided tonight that i am going to have the bridesmaids with wrist corsages rather than bouquets again mostly due to cost the bouquets are 60 euro and corsages are 17 euro!!!!! so quite a large saving there my view is that they are only going to be wasted as we carnt keep them as we could if getting married in the UK I am starting to lose track on what i need because i am getting married abroad what have you ladies got on your lists? Vicki
  8. Did any of you lovely ladies have any luck finding any paper or silk fans possibly personalized at a reasonable price?? I am still looking most sites are american and will cost a fortune in shipping really dont want to spend a lot on this as its just an extra Vicki x
  9. Nicy.....Congratulations on becoming an Aunty again she is gorgeous hope she gets better soon and is able to go home. Waybuloo....Your postcards are great what a lovely idea I have done Zumba a few times and its great loads of fun definatly worth it just for a laugh My something blue arrived yesterday, my garter with Mrs McGilloway personalised on it, its so cute i love it had my orders though that i am not able to open it until the big day I am on the hunt for ivory satin shoes for my bridesmaids but dont want to pay alot for them have any of you ladies seen any about that are a bargain??? Vicki x
  10. Hi Ladies I am trying to do my magnets on vista print but i am struggling with uploading the image for some reason keeps bringing up a message about the picture being low resolution or something and that it could effect printing :-s Please can you ladies give any advice how have you girls uploaded your pics, resized them etc to get it to work??? tearing my hair out here :-( Thank you Vicki
  11. Same here ladies i spend loads of time on here and trip advisor god knows what i will do when we are married will have to find something else to do lol Today i have bought the stuff for my favours, boxes, ribbons, tags, love hearts etc and recieved the invoice and sent payment for my hair pieces for bridesmaids which i ordered at the NEC wedding show, and waiting for my shoes to arrive, so seem to have a bit going on at the moment i go through phases where i do loads then do nothing lol Vicki x
  12. Samcalv1......We are getting married at a place called Zucchini's in Paphos, Cyprus Michelle.....Well done on the 1/2 pound, a loss is a loss after all and you seem to be doing great with losing the inches i haven't bothered to measure inches, suppose i should really I also had a weigh in yesterday i lost 2lb and recieved my half stone award i have got 6lb to lose to reach club 10 so sticking at it i have my first dress fitting in November so want to have reached it by then even if its just a pound a week As many of you ladies are aware i am a bride to be that has a hellish MIL who we haven't been talkin to since xmas 2009 and SIL, anyway FI made the decision to try and rectify things with both of them on Sunday for the benefit of the children as i suppose its them who lose out, my eldest is also missing his cousin (our niece) and keeps asking about her so it was getting quite difficult. When FI phoned her and they talked about things the first thing she replied was "Don't be asking me to babysit etc etc" which i thought was appalling as i can totally ensure we won't be asking her to do ANYTHING for us at any point!!! i would have thought she might have been grateful that FI has decided to give her a chance to see the children but clearly not! anyway to cut a long story short she called FI today asking him to go round and do a job for her to which i think is a god damn cheek they have only been talking-ish for 2 days and she was adament she won't be doing us any favours the woman totally gets on my nerves!!!!! and that is an understatement i have decided i will be keeping her at arms length from here on in and she will not be interferring in any of my wedding plans! SIL on the other hand sent FI a text yesterday saying basically that we only decided to talk to her again because of our wedding and that she wont be coming coz she has committed to other things to which we replied fair enough, i dont think she got the response she was expecting as she has been on today saying she will see what she can do etc with regards looking at coming with us (i really wanted my niece as a flower girl so secretly i am gutted if they don't come, my niece is only 5 and was so excited at the thought of being a bridesmaid) think SIL suddenly realised that we were not waiting on her response so we can book and sort things out as FI told her its already booked and nearly paid for and everything else regarding the wedding is in place and going ahead weather they are there or not!!!! Anyway since then all is quiet on the western front so will see what happens from here on in Vicki x
  13. Hi SamcalV, I am also an October 2011 bride getting married in Cyprus, where are you getting married hun? Kerry...Lol at i don't want you back song i doubt that would go down to well lol Will definatly be on the hunt for our wedding rings before 4th Jan then to beat that VAT increase Vicki x
  14. Charmaine......Welcome back hun glad to hear everything is getting better you have had quite a tough time and are coming through the other side. Roo.....As the other ladies have said you dont need people in your life like that she sounds like a real nasty piece of work i'm a big believer in karma Did you get your dress from light in the box hun? Kerry.....You pipped me to the post i was going to ask the same thing lol to walk down the aisle we are having Canon in D, First dance is On the Wings of Love and possibly Take Thats Greatest Day for walking up the aisle but not sure on that one yet, could still change my mind on these decisions yet though, what about you? Does the VAT rate go up at the begining of January? Was hoping i could have got our rings in the sales Thank you on all the comments on the shoes i have had to email them regarding the shoe size as there seems to be some discrepences on european shoe size and UK size so hoping they get it right!!!! (fingers tightly crossed) Vicki x
  15. Josie.....I love the postcard box its fab think i need to get on ebay Vicki x
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