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  1. Hey Girls, Is there anyone who has had a legal ceremony at the resort? I am wondering if your received your marriage license? We were married in August and still have not received it. They said it should arrive in 12 to 18 weeks from the date of our ceremony and it has now been 25 weeks. They have told me three times now that they should have it and were going to send it the following Friday. And... Nothing yet. I got another email last Monday saying they would send it Friday... but nothing. I'm just curious if anyone else is having the same issues. It is beginning to get frustrating. Thanks, mdb
  2. Girls, Make sure that you take all of your copies of your emails on what they quoted you. Especially if they are quoting you different amounts. Also, if you are not getting through to your wedding coordinator, wait a few days. When they have off, they get 3 days off in a row. They work 10, and get three off. However if you are not hearing anything, email Anna let her know that you haven't heard back and ask the questions in the email.(I believe she may oversee everything with the weddings) She always responds promptly. Her email is weddings.puj@excellence-resorts.com I would take your own sashes because they only run $1 on some sites. I took fake flowers and I was glad I did. From what I heard, the bags that they charge $5 for are small. maybe you could ask how many bags you would need to fill the aisle. I know that they do not exchange anything that is included in the packages. Also, I have seen photos from the photographer, (we brought our own with us though) If it is included in the package, I would just have the resort take pictures also. ( our photographer stayed on the resort so we did not have to pay the fees) Good luck girls. Don't stress!!! everything ends up being better than you have imagined on your wedding day.
  3. Okay let me try to answer some of your questions. ... @f michelle- we tipped our WC 50... some tipped more, some tipped less. I know that someone said that that tipped 100. I would say that it is a personal preference! Just tip what you feel you should tip.. Without the WC things wouldn't have fallen in place the way that they did!!! : ) @stepahy0930- I got the least expensive package because there were only 12 of us including my husband and I and the two photographers that we brought with us. Included in that package was flowers for the cake table, Two flower arrangements for the posts, an aisle runner (it is included but they didn't put it down for some reason) I didn't stresss the small stuff. and tiki torches to line the aisle. This also included cake and whatever else was listed on the web. oh oh it says private dinner for two but make sure you request that and set that up with your WC. we forgot all about that. We didn't hire pastor york, we used the judge. I will tell you that she speaks spanish and then the WC will translate. That didn't bother us ... my thought was... we're in their country and that's the language that they speak. : ) and it saved the extra expense ... I thinks someone wrote that pastor your was like 300 ... I could be wrong though. Diva- my husband got a room near the excellence club and the air worked better, but other than that, it was the same! I hope this helps ladies
  4. @ fmichelle, how dressy is your dress? the shoes are nice but don't look very dressy. Then again, if your dress is long, you won't see them... and it is your day and all about what you want. : ) @ Diva- The girl who did my make-up was amazing. I too was worried before I went but I'm so glad that I had them do it at the resort. I wouldn't say that are the most sanitary,(I think they use the same applicators on everyone) so I might suggest that you bring our own applicators if that bothers you.
  5. I'm not sure but I think you have to be legal prior to having a symbolic there.
  6. The food was great at every restaurant. There wasn't on meal that I didn't enjoy! Actually everyone who was with us said the same! Chez Isabelle (french) was by far the best. My wedding meal was the greatest. : ) We booked the travel through the online site where we booked. : ) It was a small Van and we dropped people off at other resorts along the way. The trip was about an hour.
  7. The fans, sashes and feathers are sold. Sorry I still have the dress left! : ) Let me know if anyone is interested.
  8. They are from Allure Bridal. http://www.allurebridals.com/index.php?id=3&product_id=568
  9. I have one bouquet for sale. : ) They aren't real touch but they look great! My be great as a toss bouquet if you have more than one bridesmaid in your wedding.
  10. I would send a more formal invite, even if it is one that you make yourself. On that, I'd put an rsvp date and have them send you their confirmation number. This way you will be able to order chair sashes and other items that you will need an exact count on. Just my thought. : )
  11. Hi Ladies, I have 10 turquoise and 11 green sashes. $5 plus shipping for all. I'm just trying to get rid of them. I"m moving at the end of Oct and just want to get rid of them. Â Let me know if anyone is interested. Â The picture below shows how I tied them both on the chairs. : )
  12. Diva, There weren't too many days that the water was calm but, it is amazing when it is. Attached is a pic I took on a calm day.  You won't be disappointed!  I don't have blue water for my wedding pictures because the sun wasn't out but my photographer said it was better that way because we weren't squinting ..  Also, there are less peepers watching the wedding.
  13. Hello Girls, I still have everything available.  I'm willing to take 30 plus shipping for the dress, or best offer.   8 rafia fans $5 plus shipping 10 turquoise chair sashes  and 11 green apple chair sashes-  $10 for all plus shipping Peacock feathers Trash the dress Â
  14. We booked through Cheapcarribean. I was the least expensive for our guests also. they pd. about 2300 for two ppl for 6 nights I believe. Thats with flight and everything.
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