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    Jamaica Elegant Weddings - Any comments?

    I can recommend Wedding Belles Jamaica. They did my nieces off property wedding at Bellefield Great House in Mobay. They arranged everything including the transportation to and from the hotel. Bellefield Great House is a fabulous location if you are considering and off property wedding.
  2. Jamaica Guru

    CSA Catamaran Cruise

    The website for the company that does the cruises from Swept Away is www.negrilcruises.com They have large catamarans that can hold up to 100 guests and do cruises from the hotel several times a week. You book at the tour desk in the main lobby, but send them an email and I am sure tha they will be able to assist you if you have a large group going.
  3. Jamaica Guru

    Welcome dinner in Negril

    I would recommend Seasplash Resort. They are right on the beach and have great dining areas.
  4. Jamaica Guru

    A non-Resort Jamaican Wedding

    Hi All: After a year of planning, my niece’s wedding date is finally days away. Date: Saturday July 3, 2010 Venue: Bellefield Great House Montego Bay WP: Wedding Belles Jamaica Resort: Rose Hall Resort Montego Bay (80) guests Cake: Noida Cooke I will let you all know how it went and try and post some pics if I can figure it out. As it seems to be hard to do. If not send me a PM and I will email them to you. Hwannamaker: Llantrisant Villa is absolutely beautiful, you choose a great location Thanks for sharing all your info.
  5. Jamaica Guru

    BP Oil Spill Concerns?

    Although the oil spill is a major concern to Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean, so far conditons have not been favorable for it to affect us. That is weather conditions and ocean currents. Unfortunately it is the poor Gulf states that are going to be affected the worst.
  6. Jamaica Guru

    Where else to go in Jamaica??

    MUST DO TOURS IN JAMAICA Dunns River Falls Climb the waterfalls of the Caribbean's most beautiful natural attraction. Dolphin Cove Swim with the amazing bottlenose dolphins Negril Sunset Amazing 7 mile beach and watch the sunset ant the world famous Ricks Cafe Bellefield great House Tour and gardens Take a step back in time tp 1805, a Living History Tour Black River Nature Safari See crocodiles and swim in waterfalls at the black river safari Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain Soar above the treetops to the peak of Mystic Mountians. The bobsled and zipline will send you speeding through the heart of the forest Catamaran Cruise Sail the Caribbean Sea Chukka Caribbean Adventure Tours Horse Back Ridding Zipe Line Canopy ATV Safari Jungle River Tubing Dune Buggy 4 x 4 Safari
  7. Jamaica Guru


    Quote: Originally Posted by Mallory57 Can you provide us with names a contacts of other bakers? Thanks! Noida Cooke who is doing my neices cake is based in Montego Bay, but she delivers island wide. She is doing a three tiers 14" 10" and 6" in chocolate/chocolate ganache with roses and ribbon for decor. You can see pictures of her cakes and contact her at: Destination Weddings & Special Event Planning - Jamaica | Wedding Belles Jamaica Hope this helps.
  8. Jamaica Guru

    tell me about your photographer

    There are alot of great photographers in Jamaica. Angella Foote - Destination Weddings & Special Event Planning - Jamaica | Wedding Belles Jamaica Wendy Ann Chinn - Jamaica Dream Weddings
  9. Jamaica Guru

    ROR New Chair Options?

    Those are chiavari chairs. If the hotel does not have them, they are available for rent in Kingston.
  10. Jamaica Guru

    destination vs home wedding

    Congrats and welcome. You will find lots of info on Jamaica here.
  11. Jamaica Guru

    2011 Wedding

    Hi Sarah, Congrats and welcome. Lots of info here on many destinations.
  12. Selassie 11 is correct. I live in Kingston and this situation is not affecting our tourist areas. So please don't worry and continue with all your wedding plans.
  13. Jamaica Guru


    Congrats!!! Jamaica! Jamaica! Jamaica! Lots of beautiful places to have a wedding. Happy to answer any questions you have.
  14. Jamaica Guru

    Hi from a Newbie :)

    Congrats and welcome! There are lots of great locations other than all inclusive hotels in Jamaica. I would be more than happy to give you some ideas.
  15. My friend owns a company in Montego Bay that provides all kinds of entertainment. Harpist, Flutist, Saxophonist, Violinist,Keyboard/pianist and Combination instrumentalists. Visit his site: Home Of Showjam Hope this helps.