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  1. Everytime I see pictures posted by TI I get goose bumps as I know my turn will be here very soon!!! Bronze8584- your pictures are absolutely beautiful. The hotel has such beautiful architecture. At your reception, did Kissing Fish do your decor as well?
  2. Janine and Krys, Thank you very much for your condolences. I know its rather premature to plan for a very small attendance; however we are required to make a deposit at the hotel for the block of people coming. Since family members are pulling out, we want to err on the side of caution and inform Monique of the change of events and see if we can work out something different. Krys, those pictures are breathtaking; thank you for sharing.
  3. Hi Everyone, Stephen and I are still very excited about having our wedding in T&C; however I lost my grandmother on 6/6 and knew that the majority of our guests were coming because they knew she'd be excited to be at her oldest granddaughter's wedding and the wedding would give her a chance to see everyone before her illness caused further pain. Given her recent passing, some of the family has expressed they may not be able to attend, which we can understand; however that somewhat changes our wedding plans. Moving forward, Stephen and I are interested (Krys hopefully you can help) in a private place with a gorgeous backdrop of the ocean in which to exchange our nuptials. We were originally planned to have this on the beach at Sommerset, but with just the two us now we decided to opt for something more private (we're still staying at the Sommerset for our honeymoon). Thanks, Robyn
  4. Our wedding is 12 months away and I can't wait to Ileana in person. I agree with everyone that she is very friendly and professional.
  5. Belle: Janine and Krys are absolute life savers and have made navigating the island and vendors much much easier. Krys: I spoke with Ileana yesterday, thank you for the follow-up.
  6. Hi Belle, I am getting married in T&C on June 23, 2011. Based upon the great advice and suggestions offered on this site, I have settled upon a hotel (Sommerset; waiting for new contract), make-up and hair stylist (Shenique; Sheque) catering (Bay Bistro/Kissing Fish), photography (Tropical Imaging; waiting to hear back from Ileana). I am also considering a cruise for family and friends as a precursor to the rehearsal bbq. Welcome to the board and feel free to ask questions. Robyn
  7. Oh boy Krys!!!! I showed the links to FI and he wants to have the wedding at The Regent Palms. I must admit the architecture is quite stunning; oh goodness, decisions...decisions....decisions!
  8. Hi Krys, Thanks for the info. You and Janine are definitely life savers for me. Which hotel is the pool deck apart of?
  9. T&C ladies I need your help... One of the perks of our honeymoon was to walk onto the beach from our hotel room. None of the rooms at Sommerset offer this. I'm afraid that changing hotels will change the walking distance of the Bay Bistro and other great activities. Can someone make recommendations for a hotel that has rooms that open onto the beach, but within a reasonable distance to bay bistro (where welcome BBQ and cocktail reception may be). Thanks, AP
  10. Wow, those pictures are absolutely beautiful. Krys do you have the contact information for the Bay Bistro? How far is it from The Somerset?
  11. Hi Brides, I am new to the forum and have enjoyed learning so quickly of what I want the wedding to be. With that being said, my wedding party will be very small <19 guests including ourselves. The wedding and reception will be held at the Somerset, YAY!!! However I need some help... Due to the small numbers, I am concerned the reception will be too relaxed, what can I do post-wedding to ensure everyone mingles, dances a little, and has a blast. I know the island is relaxed, I just don't want the guests to wander away out of boredom. Thanks!!
  12. JanineA- I just received the email containing the different food options that are offered. We are not sure which is better (I need to do more reading on BDW) as to if Somerset is a better reception option than a local restaurant. We are only expecting <20 guests, so I want to find something that everyone will enjoy with a beautiful view. The wedding will be on Thursday June 23, 2011 and none of my guests are staying at the Somerset. Our TA is pricing deals at nearby hotels for them. Once we recieve the information, I plan to launch our website to keep everyone on the same page. I have no clue what the Sunset cruise is; I only spoke with Monique for a few minutes today so that I could introduce myself and ask a few questions. Is this something that you're doing? The rehearsal dinner will be at a restaurant; luckily FI's parents will cover the associated costs. Yes, the wedding will be on the beach and the reception on the lawn. What music options are you choosing? I was thinking of a steel drum band. Due to the low numbers of people, I wanted to have something to keep the small crowd lively. I would like to have more pictures of the available options on the property to that we can make a more informed decision of where we'd like the reception. Isn't this exciting?
  13. Yes JanineA- I'm following in your footsteps in working with Monique as well as the hair/make-up artists that you're working with. Honestly, this forum is such a jewel. I'm so excited, I could barely sleep!
  14. Janine and Krys: I have just started reading your threads as FI and I are now considering TC as our wedding and honeymoon location. I have already contaced Tropical Imaging, Ileana, and I am so impressed by her work and charisma. We are also working with a TA who is going to price The Somerset (which I LOVE!!!) and nearby hotels for our guests. Thank you both for such great information.
  15. Thanks TA Jennifer. FI and I are no longer considering Jamaica or Sandals for our nuptials and reception.
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