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  1. I am happy to report that I have exactly one month til my wedding day. I am so excited!!!!!
  2. Thanks for the review. I am getting married at ROR on Jan 19/11 and can't wait. I was really surprised when you mentioned that the white chairs are inlcuded in the free wedding package, we were quoted $5 per chair. I am also excited that rum punch and non-alcholic punch for the kids is served after the ceremony and is also free as Chandlyn quoted me $15 per person for punch. The picture you have posted of the cake, was that the cake included in the free wedding package or did you upgrade it?
  3. Congrats Sara and Di, well deserved!!
  4. Cindy, you totally rocked that dress!!!! Puts the model picture to shame.
  5. My vote is for the first one but I love the second one as well.
  6. I agree with the other posts - do what makes you comfortable. When I went dress shopping I was torn - I wanted my FI there to help me pick out the dress, I was so worried that he wasn't going to like what I picked. I also wanted that moment when he sees me for the first time in my dress. In the end I decided that I wanted my FI to see my dress for the first time when I am walking towards him.
  7. Congrats and happy planning. I am an ROR bride as well, will be married in Jan 2011
  8. 3 months today and I will be married. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Here is the link that describes what it is all about. http://www.physique57.com/about-physique-57
  10. Last night I did a Physique 57 class. Such a great workout!!
  11. You must be so excited. I know I was when my dress came in, I couldn't wait to go and try it on. I have my second dress fitting coming up in November and I can't wait to see what has been done. I had the neckline changed to a sweatheart and the heavy material on the train taken off so all you see if the overlay. I had my shower in August, early I know, it was so much fun. Hope you have a blast at your shower!!
  12. My FSIL just had her first child on the weekend. Just seeing her little face makes me want a baby of my own so bad. My FI and I are getting married in January and will be starting to TTC soon after. Can't wait!!
  13. Â Congrats Linds, you must feel so proud. I myself am trying to make it to the gym 5-6 times a week. I have less than 4 months to go and would really love to loose another 5-10 pounds. Â
  14. Here is a picture of my ceremony shoes but they are white not black And here is a picture of my reception shoes. (excuse the chipped nail polish)
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