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  1. we had a layer of white cake with white icing and a layer of chocolate with white icing and it was absolultely fantastic cake sooo good!
  2. what time of year is your wedding though? cause that would change thing too
  3. My ceremony was at 4 pm and I almost wished I had done it at 330 as a fter the ceremony was done we were in crunch time for pictures to get them done while the light was still good enough i felt like adrill sergent directly the family to do it quick ahah
  4. We were on the lobby terrace for the reception and it was windy that day but we didnt notice any wind up there. We actually spent a few nights up there with the group having drinks in the evening and I dont remember noticing any wind problems. On the lobby terrace there are these wonderful couch like cabanas which are fun too for everyone to sit and lounge if they want during the reception.
  5. I just got back from my wedding and we decided not to go with the centerpieces and did not regret it for a second. They put nice table clothes on everything and bring the bows from your ceremony chairs to the dinner chairs. They also bring the flowers you have from the ceremony over as well. its definitly personal perference but we found with such a beautiful view and astmosphere all around us we did not miss centerpieces at all!
  6. for our wedding we did the sunset package and had to pay for extra guests And the cost we were given was the cost for everything ceremony, dinner drinks,. There was no hidden costs for our wedding. I know it seems long for ana to answer questions but she really is fabolous and everything came together smoothly for our wedding. I found as our wedding got closer she responded quicker. We had a meeting with her our first day at the resort, when we checked in we were given a time in an envelope to meet with her and sort out the final details. this was perfect and she had everything we talked about in emails in order perfectly. We found t hat for the small changes we wanted to make i.e. we added extra time to our dance reception we just did that day with her and we had no problems.
  7. Hey Guys! Just got back from my wedding at the Ocean Coral and Turquesa! It was absolutely phenomal, everything ran so smoothley and there was absolutely no worries about anything for my wedding. I had the beach wedding and the spot it wonderful as it is on the far side of the priviledge beach and that area is pretty dead. so there was no one around and we recieved a free upgrade for our room so we had an ocean front suite right beside the weding site! we opted for the dinner at the villia marina which has an outside eating option and the space was big enoughr for one huge table which was perfect for the thirty two of us. afterward we did the a dance on the lobby terace whic hwas wonderul as your have a whole side of the terrace and we played music and danced all night. There was a beach party that night so it was perfect as we all moved down there after. The hotel was perfect for a wide age group of people, it was spotless, lots to do and the food was wonderful. We stayed for two weeks and it was nice to have the second week to our selves afterwards as it was busy first week there. There was at least six other weddings there in my two weeks so i seen lots of different ways people did things. If you have any specific questions ask away!
  8. Yes I feel like its flying by and I love it! only 37 days till we fly out!
  9. Hi! Just wondering how you found the beach at OCT? and thanks for posting you pictures.
  10. Tropic Lover I have never steamed anything either haha, im thinking im just going to send it next door to do, Ill let you know how that works out! thankfully my dress isn't a style that gets really wrinkled looking. 37 days cant wait! Ill be sure to let everyone know how it went when I come back! Awaywego Im making sure i get a solid base tan before going to cut down on the tan lines! and Im going to sunscreen like crazy until after the wedding!
  11. My wedding date if fast approaching Nov 30 2011! Cant wait! just wondering what everyone else is donig for dress steaming? The resort does not offer steaming on site. The hotel next door will do it for 50$ or are people bringing their own steamers?
  12. I am going veil less. But I cannot decide hair down and flowy or up. Up seems like the cooler option but with long hair it can get pretty hot too!
  13. 2 months congrats! I have three months to go and am getting excited. The thing that really made me decide to whip my but into shape was reading a post from a nother bride on this site that said after her wedding how she never got in shape like she planned and the only thing she could attribute it too is pure lazyiness! Haha I felt the same way so thought I better start. Day one is over, well Im cuurently working night shift so not technically over... I did pack healthy snacks to help keep me alert! I did 10 kms on the elipitcal and it felt great! As for insanity! haha we know how what goes! Good for you on the hot yoga unfortuantly thats not available where I live
  14. Hi Ladies! Congratulations to all of your weight losses! Very impressive. First visit to this forum and its just what I needed. My wedding is 3 months away and I need to loose 7 lbs by then. After a weekend visiting my sister and eating awfully, Today is day number one of healthy eating and regular exercise for me. I weigh 146 right now and would like to see that number get down to at LEAST 139 before I get married. My dress fits well but there is definintly room for improvement. I am an RN but I work casual 12 hour shifts days and nights. this makes it difficult as trying to plan out what to eat during the night and day to eat a balanced meal plan is difficult. And being casual I will get called in at 7 am and supposed to be there ASAP therefore it makes it hard to pack a well planned lunch. My FI is getting on board with this as well so hopefully with us both motivated to get in shape over the next three months we will have each other for support.
  15. I am wearing them as my Mother in law offered me the ones she recieved from her grandmother and wore on her wedding day. So she offered them so I could carry on the tradition
  16. Exactly! And the villa marina (the caribean a la carte) has an outside eating option and part of the restuarant is open to outside so you could still get the feeling of the outdoor dinner without have to pay for that many people at a private reception dinner. We thought this was a great idea for us. You can also rent their stereo/speakers but I think I may just bring my ipod/dock/
  17. One option that I didnt realize was avaible was the option to do the dinner at the a la carte and then a private reception after the dinner. This definitly was a bit more cost effiecient. I am going with the sunset package, but I only have 26 guests so far, cause that package only includes 20 guests then its 25$ per person more.
  18. You can also get it on fanstasia.ca for the canadian brides. I believe they only ship to Canada but its 36 plus 7.00 shipping. You can even get exotic fruit flavour... perfect for mexico!
  19. Love the dress!! Mine is a very similiar siloette with different skirt and material. My dress was ment to be it fit perfect right length right size. The only thing I need to do is take the small spagetti straps off dont want those mine has a beautiful sweatheart bust. I also need to do a bussel
  20. I am glad to here I am not the only one! When we were engaged may 2010 and asked our immediate families if they would come if we did a destination wedding they were all so excited. So we figured if the immediate family could come then it would be fine. All summer everyone had pressured us to get organized early so they could save and book holidays. When we sent out our STD's in February we sent out 132. We knew there were lots of people on that list that would not come. But we sent invites out of consideration for people such as my great grandmother and the older generation of both families knowing full well they would not come but we wanted them to feel included. Out of 132 invitations only 62 people sent back an RSVP sooo that leaves 70 people who didnt even bother. There was even a couple who booked that didnt even tell us. Thats all great but I was just surprised that people felt they didnt need to respond. We had an RSVP that said we will be there but theres not way were going to book yet well book in october. So its hard to decide on final number. Right now we have 26 people booked. Its just frusterating. If you know your not coming people sent an RSVP back. I even put my email down for the lazier members of our family haha so they didnt have to go to the mail box. My mother and stepdad bailed as well. I wasn't really offended that people didnt come. More the disrespectfulness of not sending an Answer! But know that we are three months away I have just decided to let it go. 26 of us will be amazing. and as long at its me and my FI and the dress of course. We will have an amazing time and the people who want to come will be there to help us start our marriage.
  21. You know you should go for it! It will definitly leave a lasting memory!
  22. GOOD FOR YOU! I am so happy you told her! Good way to start your marriage off on a clean slate and getting out all those feelings. Less stress between you and your FI too! Good job
  23. I know I Love that song. its perfect. and its country so you cant go wrong haha.
  24. Were going to walk down to I love you this Big - Scott Mcreery and I think our first dance will be when you say nothing at all - allison krauss
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