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  1. I've been wanting to go for some time now but its quite a drive from TO. I am hoping for a rainy weekend to make the trip Glad to know its worth it
  2. Interested in the pink sashes. Can you let me know about shipping! Sent you a pm.
  3. Hello ladies, I am also going to be wearing a Maggie at my wedding next April. To be more specific, its the Dallas Marie and I cannot wait to get it and put it on again
  4. Hi JanineA, I bought the Fiskars brand and loved it. I did all my boarding passes with it and will probably use it on the invites as well. Google Image Result for http://www.joann.com/images/36/44/4/xprd364447_m.jpg
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by PaperBagPrincess I'm not quite finished, but was too excited not to post. Loved the ideas of magnets for our STD, but my finance and I wanted them to be a little more discreet when placed on someone's fridge. His parents already have a 100 pictures of us up, they really didn't need another one So after some searching I found this and used it my inspiration... Dot Girl Blog: Save the Date! Here is how mine turned out... colors look better in person, camera was giving me a hard time... I have a lite version of photoshop so I searched through istock.com until I found a pattern in our colors (blue and orange) and that I thought was "us", it took ages. When i finally found it I was thrilled, I decided the pattern was best for the magnet designs. Then I got some help from my brother and we designed the actual card (he's video editor and btter at photoshop than me). To make things easy, we sized it to fit on half a sheet of paper. For the flower design on the side, my brother taught me a neat trick, turns out you can download brushes for photoshop that make a pattern with a quick dot of the brush, works like a stamp. So we found a flower set of brushes and two minutes later we stamped two we liked in and added the text. To make the magnets I invested in a button maker. It was pricey but I knew I would use it for tons of things! I love crafts! I picked up a few contract hours to cut down on the guilt and made it feel more like a treat. So far I made a magnetboard for a friend's baby shower with little letter magnets and buttons for another friend's band. Plus all the save teh date magnets. With al my projects I am 600 button/magnets down and continue to make more! Future projects are napkin ring holders and personal name tags for towels and beach bags in our OOT bags. Then I attached the magnets to the Save the Date with tacky blue stuff teachers use to put up posters. I tried rubber cement and a few other things, but the tacky stuff was by far the best. Now I need to work on the letter for the back and envelopes..... oh, and continue to dream of a job where I make butons all day! It's really a lot of fun. If you want to see how the button machine works here is a youtube video... YouTube - Button Maker Machine Combo Quote: Originally Posted by PaperBagPrincess Thanks ladies! Cynlaf I got my machine from Six Cent Press in Vancouver BC. Custom Buttons, Make Buttons, Pinback Buttons, Campaign Buttons, Promotional Buttons, Do It Yourself Buttons, Canada Button Makers - Six Cent Press They had the best price and shipping wasn't too bad. In fact I just ordered 1000 more button pieces and shipping was only $17, I thought that was pretty good. I also found them very helpful when I was researching and trying to decide what size to buy. I bought my circle cutter on ebay, they are pricey but you have to have one ($80-$160). I tried a few different scrapbook ones and they just didn't "cut" it Overall I would say you are looking at a $400 investment. Being in Toronto you can also rent one for a day, includes circle cutter ($45, plus buying the parts) from here... Button Makers, Complete Button Parts I debated buying from this person, but they wanted a US exchange rate of 30%, I nearly lost my mind. Sometimes he has used ones as well. I've also heard that the Workroom on Queen St (the workroom - toronto's first sew & craft by the hour space) has a 1 inch and a 1.5 inch button maker and you can go in and use it if you pay the workroom fee. I haven't personally checked it out yet, think I saw it on a blog somewhere? But plan to find out more when I go in and take a sewing class at the end of the month. Magnets I have been buying at Staples as I found they are the best quality for the price, $7 for 50. Good luck! If you have anymore questions let me know. Thank you sooo much for the information!!
  6. Hello ladies, I saw on this site that some people ordered some from here 50+ Colors of Paper Lanterns - Luna Bazaar Hope this helps. I bought mine in China Town in Toronto and they had a full wall of all colors. If you can't find any, please let me know and I can go get some for you
  7. Wow! Nice Where did you buy the machine? I made "Friend of the Bride" and "Friend of the Groom" buttons as our families don't know each other and I would have loved to have this machine. Let me know!
  8. I bought some really nice ones in China Town (Toronto) in my color (Fushia, Blue and White) for $2.50. These were the 12" ones. They look really good and had a ton of colors!
  9. I am also looking for some in Canada! About 30 or so. We Canadians need your help in getting these
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