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  1. It's due at the end of this month! I'm very excited and a bit nervous! I will DEFINITELY be posting lots of photos, though none of me in it as I'm still losing weight. Hopefully it will come out nicely... Below are pics of my survival kits. They include hand sanitizer, playing cards, postcards, door hanger, paracetamol and imodium, insect bite cream, lip balm, a lanyard, a luggage tag, and they're all tied together in lovely organza bags. These are going to make up part of my OOT canvas bags that I'm hoping to get embroidered some time soon! Happy planning xx
  2. Suit trousers arrived for groomsmen today. Now just waiting for FI's suit (as we ordered it from a cheaper alternative). I'll post photos when it finally comes through. My BM will be visiting later this month so I'm excited to get piccies of her in her dress, since they were ordered online and she hasn't yet tried it. FI and him BM's cufflinks arrived today: Purple to match my girls. Turquoise turtles to match our theme. Below are a couple more DIY bits that we've been working on: Our door signs as well, as guests' favours for our OOT bags. Door signs along with our mug labels and OOT bag labels. They'll be attached with ribbon nearer our date.
  3. The actual design is Maggie Sottero - Isadora Ann; however I found a knockoff on ebay for a meagre £50 (approx $80) and they have 100% positive feedback, so I thought (for a second dress) it was worth the punt! I'm very excited for its arrival!
  4. In the last few weeks we finally found bridesmaid dresses that I and both my girls loved: We also found FI's suit today! FI will be wearing this with a white shirt and turquoise accents. Groomsmen will be wearing the trousers, a white shirt and purple accents. As yet I still have no dress, but this is what I'm looking for (anyone more in the know, dress-wise, have any suggestions???) And this is the dress I have bought for my AHR.
  5. Hello ladies, a quick question regarding the silver dinner menu. When selecting the food it says "Couple should pick one of each of the following: 1 Appetizer, 1 Soup, 1 Main Course and 1 Dessert" Is that one of each that covers every guest? Also, does anyone know what vegetarian options are available? I'd appreciate any knowledge from those more in the know! Thanks in advance, Kim.
  6. Our theme is turtles... tying in with FIs proposal (http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/79150/premature-planners-diy-planning-blog)
  7. My DIY creations so far: FI and I have finally managed to book the date for our wedding! August 23rd 2013 We are both booked, as well as our first set of guests: my parents and sister, FI's mum and Stepdad, my oldest school friend and her partner, my bridesmaid and FI's best man. Here are my home made invitations. It's a bit weird sending out invites *after* some people have booked, but I guess that's one of the skewed traditions when it comes to Destination Weddings.
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