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  1. Just had our photos through for our cake topper- this is the one area that we've chosen to splurge on and not DIY and we're really happy with the results
  2. Haha, completely the opposite of my FI. He'll be out of his suit jacket and tie as soon as the ceremony's over, no doubt!
  3. Thanks a lot- on the home straight now!
  4. Thanks Haha "picked out" might be a bit of an overstatement. "Had it put in front of him and said 'yes'" would probably be more accurate. Your FI sounds like a glutton for punishment! I think the linen suit is going to leave Adam sweltering enough as it is.
  5. Thanks so much. We can't wait either- getting a bit more stressed as we get ever closer though!
  6. Thanks, I love it too; they're such a nice personal touch. Plus, I can keep it as a pendant to wear after the wedding . Thanks, it really is all starting to come together now . Can't believe it's finally just around the corner. Also, my passport pre-departure booklets have been sent out: Also, this weekend saw my Bridal shower/ Bachelorette party. Pictures to come soon!
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