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  1. We're not having anything you'd class as 'big' either side of the pond. The DW is our 'big' event, though there will be 14 of us and then we'll be having a casual get together at our apartment afterwards, as FI's Dad unfortunately can't make it out there with us. My 'something old' arrived today- photos from my parents' and grandparents' weddings to be attached to my bouquet: Here's my home made sand ceremony frame: My Dad's tie decoration:
  2. It's 23rd August, though we fly out on the 10th! Getting very close now We got engaged in 2010 though, so not so much organised as having a looooong time to do things!!
  3. So, there have been lots of developments in my wedding planning process, as we get steadily nearer to the Big Day! . Last month I bought my wedding dress (please excuse the bad hair and silly look on my face) It was a wonderful day with my Mum, Sister and estranged Grandma. It also felt like my Granddad- who I was close to, but passed away when I was young- was with us: In my dress I wanted a few thing: flowers and poofy. Not only did this fit those bills, but it is also by my fave designer (It's a Maggie! ), in my size AND 50% off! It only cost £500 ($700). He was definitely looking down on me . I also picked up a 'backup/TTD' dress, as I realised there was no way my main dress would fit in anything other than main luggage for the flight. My little sister has also had her first bridesmaid fitting: And my Mum has ordered her MOB dress: This is how I've decided I want my hair: There were some excess bits from my wedding dress, so I used them to create a new hair flower: I've created 'Mr' & 'Mrs' chair signs: And direction signs: And a Thank you sign (sorry it's upside down!): I also created a 'Shoes Optional' mat I decorated a ring box: I created floral wrist corsage bracelets for my Mum and my Mother-in-law, and decorated boxes to go with them (please excuse the missing letters!) We decorated our bubba kegs, which we picked up for a pound in our local "dollar store": And purchased hangers from a fab British Etsy seller, whose details escape me at this moment in time. Barefoot sandals were handmade for myself, my mum, and my two bridesmaids, as well as cards for them to be attached to: We decorated boxes for cuff-links for our Grooms-men and my Dad We also purchased a watch for the Best Man- which retails at £60, but we paid £15 for: We decorated our sparklers and created match-books: Designed menus (purple for carnivores, turquoise for vegetarians) And a cake wrap: A now has matching shoe soles to my 'I do' ones: After a complete cry-fest at our best friends' wedding (our bridesmaid and bestman) I decided to invest in a nice hanky Welcome booklets for when people get to the resort: Decorated the ties for our Grooms-men: Sorted CDs for our OOT bags: Bought a handkerchief for my Mother-in-law, who is also a known crier: More decorations: Glow Sticks for the reception: I'm sure there will be things I've forgotten, so I'll probably be back sooner rather than later, but if anyone has any questions, ask away- I'm more than happy to help! Happy DIYing!! Kimi x
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