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  1. these are a lovely gesture and look great! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks for sharing, this was SO helpful. Hope you had the most perfect day and trip
  3. Wow, these are fantastic! Really cute and gorgeous colours
  4. I'm doing sole source on the UK Cambridge Weight plan. This is a VLCD, so hard work but the results are fantastic! Losses are, on average, a stone a month!
  5. I'm doing turquoise and purple on my toes, using the Barry M 'crackle' polish. Think it'll look v cute, but would definitely be a bit too much on my fingers!
  6. Wow, you've done an absolutely fantastic job! Maybe I could try my hand at the metal ones. Would it be possible to get some rough idea of how you made them? They look so great!
  7. I love these, gonna diy a couple of wooden ones (pretty them up) for my bridesmaids but I think I'm gonna have to splurge on one of these for myself . Gorgeous
  8. This is such a great thread. Definitely bookmarking in preparation for when I'm facing the challenge of packing up!
  9. Aww, I love everything! The sandcastles are ADORABLE! Your wedding photographs are beautiful.
  10. Everything looks fantastic! Hope you had a wonderful day
  11. It's really useful to get a gauge of how well these were received. Definitely think I'm gonna go with them, better to have them not used than have people wishing they were there...
  12. I love your cake topper- it is just the cutest thing!! (turtles are my wedding theme- my FI proposed with one! Lol)
  13. I'm a far-off 2013 bride so don't as yet have a date! Having to make an early start as, due to my time consuming job, I only have the opportunity to put my full efforts into it until September this year and will have about 4 weeks next year. Your date is my parents' wedding anniversary! (they've been blissfully happy together since they were 16 so it's a good date ) You must be so excited with less than a year to go!! How much have you managed to plan thus far?
  14. I love the labels your mum sewed into your dress and your hubby's face in the airport with you dress is hilarious!
  15. After a stressful year I've put quite a bit of weight on since my OH popped the big question. Now I've decided there's no time like the present to get it shifted and maintained in plenty of time for my big day. I just wondered if there were any other brides-to-be out there that could use this thread as a means of support and to keep each other going! Would be nice to share successes with each other! Hope there are some more early starters out there!!
  16. Me too, it's a great photo op- especially when paired with the gorgeous wedding dress! It's in the entrance to Portafino, in case you want to take a note for when you're there.
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