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  1. As the vegetarian option? My family are full vegetarian, not pescetarian so this wouldn't be ideal . Thanks for your help though, I'll contact the resort nearer the time. Kim xx
  2. That's great; thanks for the help. What vege options were available, as 5 members of my group are vegetarian. x
  3. As promised, but a little delayed, the contents of my 'Wedding Survival Kit' mini bags, that will make up part of my OOT bags: Front of our playing cards. Playing cards - reverse. Including details of one of our fave cardgames. Tablets (paracetamol, immodium etc.) Luggage tags. Hand Sanitizer Lanyards Reverse of lanyards: Spanish phrases Postcards (free from Vistaprint) Magnets. Lip balm The finished product The reverse side Close up. Kim x
  4. PS: I'll post images of the individual components when I get home.
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