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  1. Belated bridal shower/ combined hen & stag do images: Children's party style bridal shower: It's a knockout competition on the Saturday afternoon: Night out (joint stag and hen) on the Saturday night- I organised a scavenger photo hunt for added silly photos: BBQ on the Sunday:
  2. Okay, so I fly out for my wedding NEXT Saturday. So... with 9 days to go, I'm wondering, what did brides do in these final hours? Here's my list- I'd love it if people could add to it to help out future brides (and me!) who are so close, yet still feel so far! 1. Hairdressers is booked, as is a beauty appointment for my nails. 2. Luggage is packed (mostly) and weighed. 3. Emails of correspondence with vendors are due for printing. Kim xxx
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