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    Reviews of Wyndham Sugar Bay St Thomas

    Kelly H - I think if you have 10 (or less) people you can just do dinner at one of the restaurants. They just won't take tables of more than 10. I only know that info. from when I talked to them about my planning. Hope that helps
  2. Beth0413

    Who paid for your dress

    FI & I are paying for our wedding ourselves. I paid for my dress & veil myself.
  3. Beth0413

    Bridal Shower Questions

    I think you should only address it to the women. Showers are a girl thing, not the guys. As far as gifts for your mom, how about a gift certificate for her favorite restaurant or for a massage?
  4. Beth0413

    Reviews of Wyndham Sugar Bay St Thomas

    Tara - Yup, I am getting married there May 2011! We are getting married on the beach then having a luncheon to follow. We are going to rent a private area to host the lunch. Laidback but nice
  5. Beth0413

    Reviews of Wyndham Sugar Bay St Thomas

    Tara - We chose Wyndham bc it seemed much more reasonable! I use tripadvisor.com for reviews but honestly, i've come to find you will come across positive/negative reviews w/ any resort. Good luck choosing We're not getting married there until next May - so unfortunately i don't have any pictures/reviews yet!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by KarenM Yep, #2!! I also like #3, but since it doesn't fit right it's hard to tell. I really like the asymmetrical neckline w/ one strap on dress 2 though & it looks great on you! Ditto this! Good luck choosing!
  7. I will be buying his wedding band.
  8. I am a St Thomas bride, so i'm not much help w/ local photographers for you. However, I just wanted to say that we opted for hiring our own (one of the preferred vendors recommended by our resort), because we were nervous to use the resorts. We wanted to make sure we had photos that turned out great & that a lot of shots were taken. Good luck!
  9. Beth0413

    Reviews of Wyndham Sugar Bay St Thomas

    I'm getting married there next May. I have loved working with the wedding coordinator so far, he's been very helpful. The pictures look beautiful & I think it will turn out great.
  10. Beth0413

    Considering St. Thomas

    Jacki - I just private msg'd you
  11. I am getting married @ Wyndham in May 2011. It looks beautiful & I can't wait!
  12. Cute invites & I love your engagement pictures!
  13. Beth0413

    Jetsbride Planning Thread!!

    Just wanted to say how much I love your dress - beautiful!