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  1. This is a good question, and something I'm interested in hearing. Our wedding is also at 4pm, in the plaza gazebo, at Riu MoBay. However, we're having 100 guests and DO NOT want to pay for an open bar for all these ppl, lol.
  2. 4pm for us. Not as hot as 12pm or 2pm; close to reception time, so guest can't stroll off too far; and still a lot of great light available for photos.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by tris I forgot to post, but if any of you ladies are having trouble with colours, check out this great site: The Perfect Palette Even if you have your colours picked out, it's still really neat. With my girl so busy with school, and not able to dedicate all the time she wants to planning, this site is great for her. Our colors are yellow and latte, and the site will give her some great ideas to play with. Thank you.
  4. We're also doing a wedding weekend in MoBay. However, most of our guest care more about their hair then doing excursions and messing up their dos, lol. So, we're just hanging out at the resort, lounging, drinking, laughing, and just enjoying a big family vacation. No one is interested in traveling over an hour and half for an excursion, so I guess we lucked out. good luck with your planning.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jamaican The Riu chain normally ask guests to pay for a day pass for each vendor they invite on property, so you should not have a problem should your guest happens to be your photographer. Nice photos.
  6. If you have a guest, who is attending your wedding AND staying at the resort, and just happens to also be a photographer, will you still have to pay the RIU their outside vedor fee if he/she shoots your wedding?
  7. FI and I are trying to decide between RMB and ROR.
  8. Thanks for all the great replies, lol. Decided to go with BFVS.
  9. IMO, I think there's nothing wrong with it. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Your friend will just be happy you made it.
  10. Leaving DW in Montego Bay and surprising my wife-to-be with our honeymoon in Negril.
  11. I'm trying to decide between a Beachfront Verandah Suite or the Great House Jacuzzi suite. Ive seen Couples' stock photos of both rooms, but that's it; and, I can't seem to find many reviews for the jacuzzi suite. Can anyone share a difference in the room or any review of the jacuzzi suite? I'm pretty much trying to decide between beachfront or jacuzzi tub. Thanks
  12. Congrats and welcome to the board. Good luck with your planning. There's tons of info, reviews, and suggestions on here. Search function is your friend. The Caribbean has sooooo many options with gorgious resorts so do a lil' reseach on the few countries you're interested in visiting and go from there. You can also get in contact with a travel consultant and get their help to choose a destination. They have some of the best knowledge at finding places to meet your standards cause all they have the experience. Good luck and happy planning.
  13. Gotta do white shoes. No question about it. Coming from a groom-to-be with a lil' sense of style, white shoes is the way to go with a grey suit and pink shirt.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by barbiegirl_27 lol, You know, it really is fair.....I got the idea from a friend of his who's wife had bought him a tv for his "engagement" gift. I like that. If my girl wasn't broke and in school, I might've enforced that idea, lol. I'll casually bring it up when she has some financial freedom to make the gesture.
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