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    Germaine's Luau

    Hi! I just wanted to let everyone know that Germaine's luau has a $58/person AAA rate. It's normally $72. That includes the bus ride out there and 3 drink tickets. They're only supposed to let you book 4 tickets per AAA card, but when we explained that we wanted to take our wedding guests there, they let us book all 19 people for the AAA rate!
  2. I vote for #1. It shows off your curves beautifully!
  3. Wow, great deals. I love the look of them too. Overstock has lots of great choices right now.
  4. That's really pretty, great idea! I also like the idea that it's lighter weight.
  5. My fiance started losing his hair young and is extremely self conscious about it. He wears a baseball hat everywhere. It's his wedding too and I want him to be comfortable, so I think he should wear a hat. He's not comfortable without a hat, but he's worried that wearing a hat will look stupid because he hasn't heard of anyone else wearing a hat. Â It's a small, casual wedding on the beach in Hawaii. There are only 13 guests and they're mainly my family. I'm wearing a fitted chiffon wedding dress, the groom will be wearing khaki pants and an ivory Hawaiian shirt and the guests will be wearing sundresses and Hawaiian shirts. Some of the male guests will probably wear straw hats. Â I've ordered a few straw hats online and he hasn't liked them. I'm running out of ideas and it's stressful for both of us. Has anyone ever seen a groom wear a hat at a wedding? Any suggestions for types of hats? Â Â Thanks!
  6. Thanks nsbride2010! I just ordered a white and gold pair from Victoria's Secret!
  7. I've been trying on dresses and had a few appointments where nothing wowed me. At the last bridal shop, I was lucky enough to find 3 dresses I was excited about! They're very different from each other and I'm having trouble deciding. I'd love your opinions and suggestions! The first dress is Maggie Sottero Dallas Marie. I think it's a fun dress, but it's a very heavy satin, so I'm wondering if it's too heavy for the beach. The second dress is Maggie Sottero Fredricka. It's a very lightweight stretch satin. The third dress is Casablanca 1847. It's very lightweight and flowy. It's loose and it's not clipped,so it should be more form fitting and hopefully slimming when it's altered. I also tried it without the sash, but I forgot to get a picture. I'd love your opinions and suggestions! Thanks!
  8. 1. Diana 2. TBD, soon - October 2010! 3. Hawaii Hi everyone! My fiance and I got engaged a few weeks ago and don't want a long engagement, so we're hoping to get married in October. I know that's fast, but we're thinking about a very small (15 people) not too formal wedding. We're looking at Oahu since it might be the easiest island for our guests to get to. Then we'd honeymoon on Maui and maybe the Big Island.