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  1. Dean Clarke photography!!! He lives in Kingston but travels all over Jamaica, for no cost. Only cost you will incur is the resort fee for bringing him on. Best part is, my price still was cheaper than the resorts photography packages. I got married at ROR on April 30th 2011 and am so grateful I found him amongst all the other photographers (especially the dreadul Michael on the resort). He is VERY responsive to email and phone! Here's his info: Website: www.deanclarkeweddings.com |Email: info@deanclarkeweddings.com |Tele: (876) 381-5932 I would attach photos but I dont have enough replies to do so. If you'd like photos you can message me and I'll get them to you. Otherwise he has put many of my phtoos on his website. I received many many many compliments on his work.
  2. Thanks for being so willing to answer questions. My wedding is April 30th at ROR and I've been talking trying to get a better feel as to how things work. What was the name of your dj? Keisha gave me an email to Tyrone. I'm hoping you had him, because you dj sounded great. I'm hoping my DJ can act as a bit of an MC too, and your dj seems like he did a good job.
  3. Thanks! I did find an alternative!!! And he is very reasonably priced and is available the whole day, plus gives us 300-400 pics! He even wants to come to meet with us the day before to talk about our wants and get more familiarity with the grounds. Sorry you had such a crappy experience with Michael. Your post is what broke the camels back. I've seen many of the same complaint.
  4. Thank you for your insightful post! I was just trying to officially book him today and have just finished choosing my package to send with the booking form. I am totally re-thinking now, and will be looking for alternatives.
  5. So happy to see this question asked! My mom actually posed this question to me last night and I didn't have an answer for her. I just forwarded her this thread so she can see what others have done.I guess my mom is assuming not many people will pay to come... Honestly since my wedding is next year 4/2011, I'm uncertain how many people will be there. I'm thinking 20 or less, so it's wonderful to here from other couples so that I don't have to think too much. Lots of great ideas and suggestions for me to steal, just in case...;-)
  6. I'd like to know the answer as well. I've been telling people that my guests don't get a favor, only the bridal party. I'm stating to think I'm wrong. ...
  7. I've been to a DW wedding in July 2008 in at the Riu in Bahamas. I was a bridesmaid. I'm sooo thankful I attended her wedding because that has helped me tremendously in know what I do want and don't want. I absolutely learned that I do not want a wedding on the beach/sand. My friends was and it was a bit uncomfortable. My feet sunk into the sand the entire time, and I had loads of sand flea bites afterwards. I've decided to do gazebo. Since I am also having my wedding at a RIU resort, I am thankful to have experienced the semi-private reception, which was nice and private enough, and the overall seamlessness of the entire weekend. Even though the bride did not have an itinery of events for us, I still had a great time. We all found events and activities to do on our own, and together.
  8. Thanks for sharing. I'm getting married there next year in April. Can't wait!
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    Hey there...this is my first time posting as a new member even though I've been a member for over 2 months. I'm still trying to navigate through the site; its very technical so please bear with me. A little about myself, I'm from Chicago, newly engaged since the new year and looking to get married now sometime early 2011 in Ochos Rios. I hate event planning so this is a bit stressful! By the way...does anyone know why it says "lurker" under my name"?
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