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  1. Are there any Chicago Brides getting ready to get married destination style? If so, I found a great workout in Chicago! it is Wedding Bootcamp! Let me know if you are out there and I can tell you more information.
  2. Hi, Jen, your pictures are great! It looks like you had a lot of fun. Congrats! You were a beautiful bride! I am getting married at the Melia on May 21 at the same beach gazebo and using HDC. So your pics and review definitely helped! Did you do welcome bags for your guests? Plan activities? Rehearsal Dinner? Post-Wedding Brunch? So far we have 40 people booked. Not sure what to do with everyone!
  3. Has anyone been to Melia recently? My Wedding coordinator is always on vacation so I'm having trouble getting in touch her!!!
  4. Hello, Â I think the Melia Caribe is just a good of choice as any of the others mentioned. Complainers are the ones who leave bad reviews! that is why you have to take the reviews with a grain of salt. Oh and stay off tripadvisor - those reviews are a waste time! Just a bunch of whiney complainers
  5. Annai, Â I have been working with henicy as well! She is great but I noticed that lately it's been hard to get a response from her. Let me know what everyone finds out about the rehearsal dinner. Also, for those who have not had a private recpetion - do you do a first dance with your husband or father daughter dance?
  6. laurabrea - where did you get your flowers from? You bought and made your arrangements before you travelled? They look beautiful!
  7. We chose to get married at the Melia next May (5/21/2011) based mostly on this review. I had met with my TA earlier in the day (before I read this) and she highly recommended the Melia but when I read reviews about other resorts I got quickly overwhelmed with information. Erin's review was so helpful and once I read it my gut told me that it was perfect place.
  8. I just emailed the price guides to the individuals who requested it. Please let me know if there was a problem. Also, I heard back from my WC today and was told I could change my package to a different premium if I'd like to, just need to specify. My wedding date is not until May 21 2011 so I will wait until I get some RSVPs to see if it is necessary to upgrade.
  9. Attachment 5089 Attachment 5090 I just got the new pricing packages emailed to me! let me know who wants them and I will PM them - i tried to attach them but not sure that it worked. Romance Guide MCT 2010 -2011 REVISADO1.pdf Romance service Kit REVISADO1.pdf
  10. My WC is Heinecy Santana and I emailed her this morning. I want to know if I could ever change my wedding package. Currently I have the TFT package (basic) but what if i want to do the TFT-75 or Tides-50? Would I be able to upgrade? I hope everything goes smoothly, I am really starting to worry now.
  11. I would like to know more about the new 2010-11 packages and this new ownership. Mine is exactly 1 year away as of TODAY! I hope there is nothing to worry about. Please let me know if you have more details.
  12. Adrienne, Do you have pics I could see? I am highly considering HDC. Also, what package did you chose? I am confused b/c I can really only afford the Silver Package which only covers 3 hours. I would probably not be have to a photographer for the reception. What did you do?
  13. I am getting married there May 2011 and am still trying to figure out exactly how I want to do things but I did chose the Tropical Fairy package and put my deposit down. Any tips or pointers you would suggest at this point? I am looking into that photographer now.
  14. I would like to see some pictures as well! Also, I'd like to know what type of reception people are planning or have planned. email me at jalbers327@comcast.net Thanks!
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