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  1. I can send you both (mtrudell and roxy 1122) an email with the pricing list now. Â -Danielle
  2. Hi All, I am getting married at the Melia Caribe Tropical on November 5th and having a reception at the Jellyfish. Wondering if any Melia brides out there have any advise/guidance for flowers and ceremony decorations. I sent the WC at the Melia and the Jellyfish for pricing on flower bouquets and flower centerpieces but haven't heard back yet. Also, I was thinking of keeping the ceremony simple and not use much decorations but would like a little something...just not sure what the Melia offers. Thanks in advance! Danielle
  3. Hi All, I am trying to decide on a photographer for my wedding at the Melia Caribe Tropical (my reception is at the Jellyfish Restaurant). Does anyone know the photographer they use at the Melia and if they are good? TIA! Danielle
  4. I am getting married at the Melia on November 5, 2010! We are 99% sure we are doing our ceremony at the Melia's beach gazebo and our reception at the Jellyfish Restaurant. Still deciding on alot of things....photographer is the big one now! I originally heard the Melia had a new rule of a $1000 copyright fee if you bring an outside photographer. But I just received an email from Laura saying I just have to pay for their day pass! Best of Luck! Danielle
  5. Hi All! I was wondering if anyone knows if magnolias and gardenias are available in DR. Thanks in advance! Danielle
  6. Hi Girls, Just thought I'd post (even though I plan to get married in Punta Cana). My now fiance and I visited Iberostar in Mexico last year. We LOVED it...we stayed for 7 nights and didn't want to leave! We had soooo much fun. Great place, staff, activities, etc, etc. Best of Luck with all your weddings! Danielle P.S. Only reason we aren't getting married there is because my fiance is Dominican and we want his family there to come to the wedding. So we are looking into DR's Iberostars
  7. Hi All, I was wondering if there are any other resorts that do a beach reception other than the Paradisus. I am in love with the photos from Paradisus but cost for my guests is important to me and I think it is a little to high. Does anyone know of any resorts that do beach receptions? TIA! Danielle
  8. Hi All, I am planning on getting married in Punta Cana in November 2010 (not opposed to Puerto Plata). I have been researching resorts but I am very very confused. I want a nice wedding ...obviously Would like to keep my budget all in $15k (including our travel), probably around 40ish guests, and would like a reasonable priced resort for my guests. Wondering if anyone has suggestions...? TIA!! Danielle
  9. Hi All, My name is Danielle and I probably getting married November 2010 and we are thinking it will most probably be in Dominican Republic. We have always said we would have a destination wedding on the beach. Not sure where to start ........... getting very confused!!! My finance is Dominican so some of his family lives there. We are thinking Punta Cana but there might be a chance it is Puerto Plata because his family lives alot closer to there. But, w went on vacation to Punta Cana 5 years ago and the beach is goregous there! Any tips for starting to plan would be greatly appreciated Thanks! Danielle
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