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  1. The fee is most definitely back, ladies. Day passes are no longer provided for photographers.
  2. I'd just like to say that the communication between myself and my coordinator, Evelyn, has been wonderful. She is so friendly, answers all of my questions, and her responses are very prompt. I cannot wait to meet her and arrive at the resort in 10 DAYS!!!!!! Jennifer
  3. I agree with you, FutureMrsG521. The more reviews I read, the more irritated I get. Seems like people just like to complain. Also seems like a lot of bad reviews are based off (in my opinion) common sense type things, such as people who drink the water, then blame the resort. Â Really excited to get there and experience it for myself finally. Less than 2 months to go now!
  4. Thank you so much for your review, @laurabrea78! Very helpful and informative, I really appreciate it!
  5. The prices listed in the Melia Romance guide for bridesmaid bouquets is $50, and for centerpieces, from $90. We're getting close, fellow 11/5 bride!!
  6. I feel like the negative reviews for the Melia are getting more and more frequent online. My wedding is 4 months out and this is causing major stress!! Not so much in regards to the time my fiance and I will have, but more so about my family who are spending all this money to come to my wedding. If they have a bad time, I will never hear the end of it!!! Just wanted to vent. Anyone else out there worried about the reviews?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsG521 Attachment 5089 Attachment 5090 I just got the new pricing packages emailed to me! let me know who wants them and I will PM them - i tried to attach them but not sure that it worked. Hi- could you please PM or email me the new brochures as well? jennsantucci@hotmail.com THANK YOU!
  8. I know- I can't wait to have pictures to show!!! I'm doing the Tides package. So far, I haven't had any issues- knock on wood!
  9. I'm getting married at the Melia on November 5, 2010, REALLY excited!! I too am using Michael Weiler. Looking forward to seeing some recently married brides pics on the site soon.
  10. We have the Tides package, so our reception will be in one of the a la carts. I'd love to see others pictures as well!!
  11. Could someone tell me- what time is the reception dinner? Do you pick a time?
  12. @ FutureMrsG521- I sent an email with my wire confirmation, then received the reply email that my date had been reserved. I was nervous as well, and I waited about a week before contacting anyone. I'm sure they have it.
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