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  1. Loving the color of the pashmina!
  2. Indeed...everything looks amazing.
  3. This is such a wonderful idea!
  4. Hello, I'm new to this forum, but not new to the board. My FI and I looking to have a DW, and from time to time the destination has changed or the past year. We are seriously considering the DR, and my best friend just came back from the Melia Caribe and spoke with the coordinator there. My best friend had really great reviews about the entire trip from the service to the cost. Is anyone on this board planning a wedding at this resort or has had a wedding there? I would just like to get some reviews from a brides perspective. Thanks
  5. Ruby2010

    Garter/Bouquet Toss??

    I'm so glad that this came up too. I just want do something different. I will be wearing a garter, but would love to do something less traditional at our wedding
  6. Ruby2010

    Hi and Congratulations!

    Congrats! Hope that the planning has been going well.
  7. Ruby2010

    Hello hello!

    Welcome! Enjoy the message board.
  8. We picked out the shoes first Chuck T's
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by merocket59 I vote for the New Orleans theme, you can always throw in some beachy things for the kids if you want to incorporate that as well. Great suggestion. That's what me and my fiance discussed tonight. Since it was the original idea for our wedding, we will be spend our honeymoon in New Orlean. We don't want to confuse people, so we will have information on the area, but more so on how got together and our interest in our theme.