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  1. Wow, what a review, thank you so much for sharing that!!! We are getting married at Le Kliff on February 23rd and I'm so happy to hear that your experience was so amazing...!!! Yes, Carlos has been wonderful to work with and is an obvious professional at what he does....I too will be posting "reviews" for other potential brides to read after our big day. We are so looking forward to it all, getting sick would be the ultimate "low", how fortunate you were to be able to do it the next day.....you have good Karma...!!!! Thanks again for sharing, is there anywhere we can look at some photos????
  2. Hi Ladies! My wedding date is February 23rd, just around the corner and I'm super excited!!! We chose Le Kliff for our ceremony/reception site, I've chatted with a few other ladies who have had they're weddings there and am totally looking forward to our experience, we started planning last January. I've been to PV many times and love it, the people and the whole atmosphere, it was the first vacation my fiance had been on together and so we thought what better place to get married!!! We are having close to 35 guests join us and most of us are staying at Playa Los Arcos, a beautiful quaint family run hotel on the beach in Old Vallarta, I highly recommend it...........happy planning to all of you, I'm totally enjoying the whole experience and have found the Best Destination website so helpful and insightful...!
  3. Wish I could download and look at your pics.................glad you had a great experience at Le Kliff!!!
  4. Glad you had such a beautiful wedding at Le Kliff............we are looking forward to ours as well, did you supply the DJ a song list or did he just play his own???
  5. I just booked my trial with Franc gole for February 16th, our wedding day is the 23rd, he got back to me promptly and I have heard so many good things about his salon......the above picture is beautiful too!!!
  6. We are using Diana Flores........She offers different packages at very reasonable rates, we're getting married at Le Kliff in February and she came highly recommended........great packages under $1,000.00....she has a website where you can view her work as well....can't remember it off hand but if you google her name it should pop up....good luck!!!!!
  7. Hi there, We too are getting married in February.........our ceremony is at 5:30 followed by a cocktail hour for our guests, I'm told that the sun is setting by 7pm in the month of February so we should be able to get some good shots, should be 45 minutes to an hour.........hopefully!!!
  8. Hi there! For the gal who booked the cigar rollers for Le Kliff wedding, what time are you having the "rollers" there.....I'm getting married at Le Kliff next Feb and would consider hiring them as well......will Carlos have a place for them to set up Any info you could provide about any of your le Kliff details would be greatly appreciated!!!
  9. Check out the "Purdys chocolate site, they have fantastic chocolate cigars.....dark or milk chocolate.....hope this helps!
  10. Hi there! I've been looking for the right color of organza bags, could you please provide the dimensions and a picture would be great.....thanks!!! Melody
  11. Heard back from Pastor Bryan and I think we're going to go with him, thanks again!!!
  12. I never did hear back from the "sunrise minisrty", any other names and suggestions would be much appreciated!
  13. Thank you so much for the lead, I have just emailed them and am awaiting their reply!
  14. Can anyone suggest an officiant for a "spiritual/non-denominational" service in PV, we're getting married at Le Kliff next February, thanks!
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