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  1. We are getting maried in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this october. We would like to Honeymoon somewhere else but its hard to find direct flights anywhere form PV, Mexico. ANy suggestions?
  2. does anyone have recent photgrapher suggestions based out of Puerto vallarta. My fiance and i had no idea how much pics cost...geez
  3. Krystal if you find a phorgrapher within your budget please PM me. I never knew how much photogrpaher's cost. I am in shck and my FI is having a cow!
  4. welcome! i am getting married at DREAMS puerto Vallarta 10.15.10 I have heard so many amazing things about the place my decision was easy...read the PV DREAMS thread it helps
  5. FOr those who made OOT bags how did you get them there? Shipping? on the plane with you? I am looking for ideas how to get them there?
  6. Thank you to all!! This site is definitely overwhelmign but oh so helpful!! I never knew how much photgraphy cost! I wish I would have known before hand!!lol all suggestions are still taken
  7. I am looking for a photgrapher for my wedding in PV. Everyone I have contacted is really expensive. any suggestions?
  8. WOW!! what an amazing job you did!! I love your cards to the moms!! I love the sand ceremony! I will be borrowing some of your ideas THANK YOU for sharing....
  9. HAve you gotten any quotes from Jillian Mitchell? HEr work looks great! Please post once you get back! I am considering using her for my Oct 2010 wedding!
  10. I am super excited too. I booked with Dazzling Details 10.15.10 Can't wait to see what they come up with for us. Thanks to Jess I am at ease letting go. I felt weird just trusting someone with such a meaningful day of my life I have never met them. But thanks JESS, thanks!! I can't wait!
  11. We recently signed our contract and sent out the e-STD form our website (3days ago). So far 11 people say they are in! Now I am looking for a photographer. I have seen a few but I would like to see more. If anyone feels like sharing there pics/photgrapher I would love to see them!
  12. DREAMS 10.15.2010 so excited!! booked Dreams puerto vallarta this week!! we have 7 months to go and lots of work to do!! any other october dreams pv brides
  13. I love #2 How did you do this? you said you copy? I am so bad at doing these things can you please help!!! I love #2 and #1 (second choice)!!
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