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  1. You can add on extra flowers without any problem. My bouquet was around $140, but that was one of the more expensive ones. You can get a nice bouquet for less than $140. They have pictures of all available bouquets and can change any of them to your liking. They worked with me to make a very beautiful bouquet! They will be able to change or add anything once you get to RMB and meet with the WC.
  2. I had the steel drum band play at my wedding April 9, 2010 at RMB. They did an EXCELLENT job and everybody loved them. I really don't remember them much, because I think I was floating on a cloud and not paying that close of attention to them. But when watching my wedding DVD, they sounded amazing and they know what songs to play and when to play them! You can bring your list of songs that you would like played and hopefully they can play them for you. Enjoy!!
  3. I just got married at RMB April 9th. And at that time both Sherika and Nekeisha were there. But Sherika was pregnant at that time....she may have recently had her baby, but I thought she told me that she wasn't due until end of May or June. Either way, they are BOTH really good at their job!! No Worries Mon!! (as they say in Jamaica)! I know it is hard....but don't worry about the details. Everything can be planned once you get to RMB and meet with the WCs. They do an excellent job and know what they are doing!!
  4. Congrats and welcome!
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    Congrats and welcome!
  6. Congrats! You'll find LOTS of great info!!
  7. hi! welcome to the forum
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