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  1. Hey ladies- I'm getting married on Saturday in the Riveria Maya and the weather is terrible! It looks like there may be a tropical storm this week...anyone else in the same boat? We leave tomorrow and I'm about to be in tears if it ruins everyone's vacation!
  2. Thanks for the feedback ladies. I just changed the title to Cocktail Shower and Reception and kept the hosted by friends and family. Oh and changed the very bottom to read "more info at our website" so if they want to know wedding info. I think you just start to stress out about the little things that just are not that important especially since everyone just wants to come and have a good time! Â
  3. I'm getting married on Oct 16, 2010. I sent out my STDs the first week of February. The first wave of bookings was in March/April and then I had another wave of procrastinators about 3-4 months out. I had two sets of guests just book last week- four weeks out. At first I thought we would only 25 people, but now we're at 45. Generally, my immediate RSVPs were the ones that booked right away. Most of those that are on the fence or ask the most questions do not end up coming. Then I got a few nice surprises. :-) Â Don't stress about the number- I did at first and now I can't be more excited for the crew that's coming. (Oh and when I thought there were only a few people coming, that opened up budget for additional activities that I could pay for!)
  4. I'm actually doing a small Catholic ceremony the weekend before my Mexico ceremony. The Catholic ceremony is immediate family only, with grandparents (who couldn't travel to Mexico). No aunts/uncles. Â I'm doing a legal ceremony in Mexico. Now, I just met with my priest (who is a relative) and he wants us to do the legal paperwork for my Catholic ceremony. I'm against this as I am using MX as my legal ceremony. I may just get the paperwork, sign it at the Catholic ceremony and never turn it in- just use my Mexico paperwork with the Apostallite seal. Â My priest is a bit confused with my intentions. My views really separate church and state. I'm a very private person, particulary with religion and therefore, don't want alot of people around. Since my DW represents my close friends and family, I still want it to be special and recognize it as my legal ceremony. Â I would maybe try to get a priest who's a bit more progressive and do a legal ceremony in Mexico and then do your Catholic ceremony when you return.
  5. We are not having any sort of party, best man, MOH, etc- just a flower girl and ring bearer. I don't think any one really cares, but I do sometimes wonder if I would have had a party of whether some of my friends from high school would have come (if I would have asked them to be in the wedding). I'm still relatively close to some, but most of them live in the state in grew up and I've since moved away. I was kind of shocked how much they disregarded my wedding as option. I know they don't really travel, but I was definitely shocked at how quick they dismissed the possibility of attending. Kind of hard when I know that when I go home, I travel all over the state to visit some of them. Â Oh well, my wedding will nice and simple and full of friends and family who want to be there.
  6. I apologize if there is already a thread on this. I found some similiar threads, but none addressing this exact issue. Â Most of family is not coming to our DW and therefore, they keep asking my mom about a shower. I am not doing a shower before the wedding, so we have decided to do an at home shower/reception (co-ed). Friends and family are preparing food, etc, but we are the ones sending the invitations indicating "hosted by friends and family". Â 1. Is it appropriate to have a combined co-ed shower/reception? (We really can't afford to have them separate and I live very far from most of my family.) 2. I'm stressing about sending the invitations myself, but I don't want to ask my relatives that are preparing the meals. I know the etiquette is far from their minds, but I'm still concerned. 3. We've listed at the very bottom of the invites "Registration info can be found at *weddding website address*" Again my FI and I keep debating about this, but since the event is titled as a Couples Shower I feel that we need to list some kind of registration info. Again, my family keeps asking where we are registered, so my mom thinks it perfectly fine. Â There will be approximately 60 plus invitations to this event- all family and friends of the family. Most of our friends are coming to the DW and therefore, we're not inviting them. (And these friends all live close to us and not in the state of my family.) Â Please help- I don't want to offend anyone, which I don't think any of this will but just wanted some extra thoughts.
  7. That's wierd- I would definitely call out the change and cite my previous emails. How responsive has Xhail been? I have Gabriela and my wedding is October 16, 2010. I've only gotten Gabriela to respond enough to get my through my itinerary, cermony, location and menu. Tables, rehearsal dinner, reception music, spa appts, etc have not all been planned yet. She has not responded to my email from 9/8 yet. I just sent her an email this morning saying we are less than a month away and tacticfully said "her lack of responsiveness has been ridiculous and I would like to get the rest of wedding planned asap". Â I'm not too worried based on other comments of everything working out once onsite, but I will be rather pissy if I don't get my initial choices for some things. Have you been having this issue? Â
  8. After ordering my dress in March, I finally got to see it on Friday. I was so worried that I wouldn't like as it was one of the first dresses I tried on, but I'm still so in love with it!! It still needs to be taken in a bit and I'm removing one layer of tool under the dress so it's not that puffy. Â
  9. About the minimum night stay for the photographer, I was under the impression they could stay only one night- not two nights. Has anyone tried to only do one night? If it is two nights, is there a cheaper flat fee for external vendors? (Sorry if I missed all these details earlier in the thread, but I could have sworn people were saying one night...) Thanks ladies!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Daily2011 Hey Ladies, just checking in. Anyone making progress on photographers? Anyone know of anyone who has used Adrian or Victor Herrera? Also I thought maybe it might make sense for us all to add our wedding dates to a list so we know who has a wedding next up coming. If you all think it is a good idea, add yours to the list in date order. Christa (Daily2011) January 15, 2011 (January 11-18, 2011 trip) Hi Christa- I'm getting married on October 16th and booked Victor for my photography. I've been tracking his blog and so far very happy with his work. There's a thread on this forum about Victor and Adrian. I haven't checked it in a while, but I think some Barcelo ladies had him booked in the June/July timeframe. I can't wait to see those pics!
  11. Wendyjd- Love the dress- so perfect for the beach and those super cute shoes! Pink right? And great creativity in not breaking your FI rule! ;-) Sungoddess- Amazing back on this dress! I actually tried this one on and loved it! All the shimmer will be great on the beach!
  12. Girasole- Congrats! Don't stress to much- I promise you cannot take a bad picture in T&C. It's that beautiful!! I'm not even getting married here and I can't wait to hear your review!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by coley88 Finally decided on a dress and it's been ordered. Here it is: Dessy - Wedding Dress - STYLE - 1022 Love this one--can you tell I'm a fan of the flowy bottoms?--Which color are you getting?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by pamphilia i thought it might have pockets! i am currently in love with Priscilla of Boston - Vineyard Collection "Sophia" which also has pockets and is very simple. thanks for the designer info! Oooh- I like alot! I've been stalking simple dresses with great fabric- love, love, love the sheen on this one! Good luck in the search!
  15. Pamphilia- It's a Angeline Faccenda style #1086 (this is a sub-set of the Mori Lee line.) Oh and it has pockets too!
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