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  1. I am getting married there too - except we are doing our reception behind the Islander Inn because of the tide. Congrats! Please let me know how it goes and any pointers that you can give.
  2. I am interested in the cuff links and the necklaces. Can you send me a picture as well?
  3. Hi Ladies, I am trying to get all my supplies ready for my DIY invitations. So far I have found everything that I need except my envelopes. Can you let me know some of the online places that you have ordered from? I am looking for cream pearlized card stock envelopes. I received a wedding invitation a couple years ago with this and its perfect for what I want but haven't been able to find anyone with it. I want to avoid having to send my invite in a box so I need the sturdier card stock material to protect the design. I have already looked at envelopper and paper and more - neither have it. Help Thanks in advance ladies.
  4. Ooooh I want in - I think I want to do 5 in the tiffany blue color PA-021 I think - Ill come back and read the thread details to see what I need to do
  5. Hi Ladies, I hope its okay to do this. I am a May 2010 bride. I am interested in buying white five finger starfish and other starfish, cylinder shaped glass vases, and hurricane vases. If you have an upcoming wedding and will be using those things and need someone to take those items off your hands afterwards please let me know. Also, anything tiffany blue I may be interested in. Feel free to PM or respond to this thread. Thanks.
  6. I am soooo happy I found this thread! I am about to forward it to future hubby? My colors are tiffany blue and khaki - so we wanted a tan/beige linen suit. Those with the samples can you let me know what color would be closest. Also, can I jump in line for those samples. I kinda lost track of who is next in line.
  7. I heart this dress - I would love to see a longer version of it! I hope you are able to sell it.
  8. That bouquet and those buotonnieres are beautiful. Those aren't my colors but would you mind giving the information of where you ordered them. I would love to check out that vendor to see if they can do something that would work for me.
  9. Awww thanks ladies!! I appreciate the warm welcome!
  10. I just ordered some sample starfish - I am going to have the bleach and the alcohol ready! Thanks ladies!
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