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  1. We were married on 1*10*10 at the Sandos Caracol in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Here are the slideshows of pics that our photographer took during the wedding and the rest of the week. Enjoy! AJ AJ and Nate Lund Lund Celebration in Mexico
  2. Very cool! Thanks! Great for AHR candy buffet baggies.
  3. We got FI's suit on Thursday. It was perfect! I literally teared up. We got the white linen and I will post pics soon. I would suggest having FI pick his favorite pair of pants and measure the fit of those.
  4. We ordered FI's suit last Saturday!! So excited to see it!
  5. I think you should get what YOU want to get. Tell him that you'll get diamond when you get an "upgrade" in 10 years. Something to look forward to!
  6. AJandNate2010

    Do not buy from lulucarmen - warning!!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by finzup she withdrew the $ from her paypal account before the claims were filed. Unfortunately they cannot go into her bank account and take the money back... they can file collections against her but not sure if they would do it for such a small amount.. Actually, Paypal can go into her account and take the money as long as she has an active account. I had paypal do that to me! I had a big problem with paypal 2 years ago and they just went into my bank account and took the $$. I had to file a stop payment with my bank so we could resolve the issue before they grabbed the $$. Long story short, I'm pretty sure every person on Paypal has to have either a credit card or bank account associated with their account that they use to cover their paypal charges. It amazes me that they haven't done that yet. Have you talked to an actual person yet or just over the computer? Honestly, Paypal really sucks at resolving issues so I wish you the best of luck.
  7. Thanks ladies for the reviews on the linen types! It makes this process so much easier!!
  8. I was so excited to get the postcard in the mail saying my dress was in 2 months early! My mom and I went in to try it on and get the alterations ball rolling. I put the dress on only to be horrified by what I was seeing! The dress was a complete mess!! My dress has dozens of pleats that are at different angles all over the front. We first noticed a spot where the pleat was popping up and revealing a seam below. They tried steaming it but it didn't help. Then we noticed another seam showing on the lower part of the dress. Finally I noticed the whole right side of the dress was completely wrong!! When I tried on the sample it was so sleek and smooth to my hips and for some reason the right side popped up a good inch off my hip. We had to go get the sample to figure out what was wrong! After conducting a search we noticed that my dress (which is 2 sizes smaller than the sample) had 4 extra pleats and the pleats on my dress were 2 inches longer than on the sample which created the poofing. Such a mess! Luckily, the salon sent the dress along with the sample back to the designer so they can see what their manufacturer is sending out. They are making me a brand new dress except now it won't be in until mid-Dec and we leave the beginning of Jan for our DW. Such a pain! I'm not freaking out yet but I might be in 2 months. Has anyone else had dress drama?
  9. I tried on that dress too! I also agree that you should wear your hair up to show off the back. So pretty!
  10. AJandNate2010

    Bridesmaids were a nightmare!!!

    Oh my gosh that is horrible! They obviously had something up their @$$es that weekend. I planned on having 5 bridesmaids and a flower girl and my FI has 7 groomsmen. I'm completely cool with it being uneven except now my cousin can't come to mexico so I am down 1. I might ask another cousin to stand up so it's not so lopsided. I really don't think you having 1 and him having 3 is so bad. If he had 4 then it might be a little off. I hope everything gets cleared up soon!
  11. My MOH and Matrons of honor planned me a bachelorette party at one of their houses. I am also having 2 showers. One hosted by my future MIL's friends and one hosted by my aunts and grandmother. All of the hosts can not attend the DW but they will be attending our AHR.
  12. AJandNate2010

    Dollar Dance? Heard of it?

    This happens a lot in the midwest although I haven't been to a wedding in the last 3 years that has done it. My FI and I decided that we will not be doing a dollar dance. Just hard to ask folks for money after they spent $$$ to come to our DW.
  13. AJandNate2010

    Include Insert about AHR with wedding invites?

    We are sending a card in our invites that invites everyone to the AHR. It's similar to if we were to have an at home wedding. Our invites are the pocket style. There is the formal invite to the DW. Then, in the pocket, the invite to the AHR and RSVP instructions. We are having guests RSVP on our wedding website.
  14. AJandNate2010

    Candy Buffet

    We're doing a candy buffet as well. Our AHR is going to be a dessert and cocktail reception and we would provide all of the candy so we can save some $$ since we don't have to go through the caterer.