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  1. kcangel99

    DR Here We Come

    congratulations! We are getting married there 6/24/10 and can't wait!!
  2. I got some too!! What a great deal and they are so perfect!!!
  3. so cute! your guests will love them!!
  4. I will organize a group for the DR... I was thinking about background color Cream, graphic Tropical Paradise, text line 1 Punta Cana, text line 2 2010 Anyone in
  5. You look beautiful! and you did an amazing job, all your hard work was worth it!
  6. Everything looks beautiful! Great job!
  7. Beautiful! You have done a great job!!
  8. What a great thread! I just found the Spanish phrases for dummies books at Target for $1 each!
  9. they are beautiful! I love the colors!! congratulations on finishing them and getting them in the mail!
  10. kcangel99

    Paradise Bound

    Congratulations and Welcome! I am also using destinationweddings.com and LOVE them! My coordinator has been so helpful! We are getting married at Paradisus Punta Cana on June 24, 2010 so we will probably be there at the same time! Happy planning, let me know if there is anything I can do to help!
  11. kcangel99

    Just engaged....where to start?

    Congrats and welcome! Happy planning!