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  1. AmyB, I meant to tell you earlier, I LOVED the dress you wore! I know you had two dresses, and I think you made an awesome decision--you looked gorgeous!
  2. Quote: Welcome Back! You look gorgeous!!! I am sooo happy to hear everything went great! I love your flowers. I wish I had the money in my budget to spurge on the flowers More pictures, please. When did you meet with your onsite WC? On the first day? How many meetings/how long did you have to meet with the WC to get all the details sort out? Thanks Chong! I arrived on Wed, my meeting with my coordinator was on Thursday, and my wedding was on Friday. I had done my details sheet online with Tiffany (the off-site wedding coordinator), and my meeting with the on-site coordinators was just about one hour. She had a copy of the details sheet also and confirmed all of the details, and I gave her all of the decorations I brought down. There were two wedding coordinators on site that worked with me--Liliana, who was the coordinator for Azul Sensatori, and Elaise (I think I am spelling that wrong, sorry!), who came from Lomas and who was absolutely AMAZING!! She definitely knows what she is doing, and had some good ideas of her own. For the reception, I wasn't really picky about the set-up; I gave her the decorations I had brought and told her she was the pro, and the reception site was GORGEOUS. I was so happy I let her do her own thing. For my flowers/decorations, I went with the Premium Deluxe Package, which was $1300. In it, it included: 4 sheets of sheer fabric, 24 chairs with covers, 2 hanging corsages, my bouquet, one boutenniere, 4 baskets of tropical flowers (this is where Elaise turned them into the tall glass vases and the flower arrangements on top were then turned into our reception centerpieces--we had 4 tables at the reception), 3 bags of rose petals (one bag went to the flower girl, and the other bags were used to decorate the wooden plank), and the wooden plank. Girls, do not worry about reviews on Trip Advisor. My TA told me to take it with a grain of salt because there have been cases of competing resorts writing negative reviews for other places. All of my guests were floored with the resort--they couldn't stop raving about how beautiful it was, how awesome the service was, how delicious the food was, and what a "storybook wedding" we had
  3. I am back and a Mrs!!! I had the most AMAZING time ever! Our wedding was absolutely perfect. The ceremony site on the beach was gorgeous, the weather was wonderful, the reception site (Zavaz Plaza) was awesome, and all of our guests had a great time!!!! We did the wedding on the beach, and splurged and got the Premium Deluxe Package, because I love flowers Here is an image of the gazebo: Here is a picture of me and the hubby (that's so weird to say!!) during the ceremony: Here we are during the sand ceremony: And here is the set-up for the reception. Since we had the premium deluxe, it was supposed to come with four large baskets of flowers. Our on-site wedding coordinator (who was fabulous!) switched those out for the tall glass vases and then we were able to use the flowers on top as the centerpieces for the reception site, which was great because we were originally just going to use the bouquets. Ladies, do not stress! The wedding coordinators on-site are AMAZING, and do everything to make your day absolutely perfect. Amy, I am so glad you had an awesome wedding also! I was thinking about you on Saturday, and was really happy the weather was great for you also! Can't wait to see more pics!!
  4. OMG, I leave in 12 hours!! Sorry I haven't been around a lot recently, and I hope everybody is doing awesome. I have spent the past few days running around like crazy trying to get everything finished! I hope everyone has a fabulous next few days, and next time I post, I will be a Mrs!!!! There is no way I'll be getting any sleep tonight!
  5. aah, I have one more week before my wedding! I am starting to go into panic mode at this point--my to-do list is two pages long, lol. AmyB, how are you doing?!
  6. Question about the dress code at the restaurants at Azul...we got a letter from our TA saying guys had to be in slacks for dinner. Is this policy pretty strongly enforced? My dad bought a bunch of nice, khaki slack-style shorts, and wants to know if he needs to go buy some slacks. Thanks!
  7. OMG, Amy, you look absolutely stunning in your wedding pictures!! Your wedding looks like it was amazing. Welcome back; we've missed you on this thread! Katie, you look absolutely gorgeous in your pictures!! I love your dress and flowers; and your TTD are fun and sexy! Welcome back!!!!
  8. Jenn, I bought some horizontal ones online from ebay, and I only used 27 out of the 50 the package came in. I only paid $6 for them, so if you cover shipping, I'll just send you the rest of them
  9. aah, I am getting married in 14 days!!! I have SOOO much I need/want to do before then! sorry, the realization of this just hit me, lol
  10. Amy, we leave on the 26th!!!!!! FI and I are SOOOOO excited and cannot wait to get down to Mexico!
  11. Celina, my FI and I are using a friend who has done photography on the side and is trying to break into the wedding business. We are paying for his trip down (ended up being around $800 for 3 nights), and we gave him a few hundred for some new equipment that he needs, but that's all. Plus, since he's there the whole time, he will cover the welcome cocktails, the day of the wedding, the ceremony & reception, and a TTD the next day. We are helping him build a portfolio, and we get an awesome rate out of it! Good luck!
  12. Hobby Lobby has a bunch of lanterns right now in bright colors! Good luck
  13. Amy, I am happy to hear you are there safely and having a blast so far!!! Have a wonderful week, and happy wedding in 4 days!
  14. Aww, AmyKH and Katie, I wish both of y'all the BEST wedding weeks! I can't wait to hear all about your trips when you get back!!
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