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  1. Hi ladies, We leave in hour to airport and I just want to thank you all ,you’re amazing and I couldn’t do any of the planning without your help specially the married girl that generously always take their time and share their experiences. wish you all the best and happy planning
  2. All right ladies, we leave in 11 days and my stress level is going up every day ,I can’t function properly and I know I have so much left to do …. I have no idea what I’m going to do with my hair and I decided to take my curling iron and flat iron with me to Mexico.my sister asked me if the power outlet is the same as here in Mexico ,I emailed Eugenia and she wrote me that I have to bring my own adaptor !!! My question is what kind of adaptor
  3. darya12

    Wedding Over - Many Leftovers!

    I will take 18 - Orange Luggage Tags .50 each 18 - Blue Luggage Tags .50 each Set of 3 bridal white flower hair pins with pearl centers
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Mike&Wendy Hi ladies...so a year of planning and over 100 emails back and forth to Yuritzia, the coordinator at Akumal, and she is doing a special deal with the judge so we can get married on the 3rd instead of the 4th business day (our photographer and videographer are booked and leaving for another wedding on the 4th business day)..she tells me she is leaving BHP for personal reasons and there will be someone else named Eugenia who will be looking after my wedding. OMG! I can't take anymore of these changes!!! She left me no contact information for this new person and how can I be sure that any of our requests that have been documented are going to be passed along to the new person? I feel like I'm going to pass out! Our coordinator back home also quit. OMG !Is there any Akumal bride before me? Or I’m the first bride for Eugenia ??!!!!!
  5. I received this email yesterday from Paloma ,I asked her about this photography issue .I read this over few times ,still I have no idea if I can have Cecilia Dumas or Not ? I’m totally confused?!! if some one get this let me know pls. Hola I am forwarding your mail to our photographers - the only with exclusivity to shoot inside our property, I am sorry about this, as I am sure if you would have informed your wedding coordinator or if you would have asked her for any restriction to bring an outside vendor as photographer - they would have informed you about this.., nevertheless they will contact you and will consider the deposit you have already paid to another supplier... Let me know what comes up with this please, Kind regards, Paloma Flores Gerente de Grupos y Eventos / Groups & Events Manager Gran Bahia Principe Riviera Maya Email:groupsmx@bahia-principe.com Tel: 052 984 87 5 50 00 Ext. 28117 • Fax: 052 984 87 5 50 01 Ctra. Chetumal Benito Juárez, km. 250 Local B, Municipio de Solidaridad Akumal, Quintana Roo C.P. 77760 . México.
  6. darya12

    December 2009 Brides!

    Hi, Ladies I was wonder if any one looking for Videographer in Riviera Maya area for the week of December17 to 24. I’m bringing down him with me .His job is fantastic. His price for videoing the wedding day is $1000 and I ask only $300 share of flight cost. Pm me if you’re interested and I can send you video sample of his work.
  7. Thanks for the review
  8. How many do you need? you just need the loops right?
  9. Try staples. search for: GBC SelfSeal Luggage Tag and Loops, 2-7/8" x 4-5/8", 5-Pack These are self laminating. I used them and really happy with them.
  10. Congrats!!! thanks for the review
  11. Thank you for sharing .every things look nice
  12. I don't know any thing about the prices ,but I know if you want different style than what they have you do'nt have to pay extra as long as you use the same flower they have with different arrangemnet . I;m not sure about this one ,but I remember reading some where that bouquets for the bridesmaids are somthing between $20 to $30 Us .It depends on what you want. I've got the bouquets for my 5 bridesmaids from Michael and I love them.even they can use them after for decoration