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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host I'd like to respond that i have emails that show I always responded usually within hours getting the emails and our correspondence was via email, rarely phone calls. i have all the email correspondence that show with timestamps how quickly i have responded to you. when you say you had not heard from me for a week, i did not know you were looking to hear from me...its not like you sent an email or voicemail asking for anything. if i had know that you wanted me to email or call you, i would have. also, during this time (july 7-12) i was in the HOSPITAL having a baby but i was still responding to clients by phone and email. i had other clients that got married the same time frame as you in tulum and i was never MIA (see suzanne's review from july at dreams tulum...approx. same dates but why would i be in communication with her but not you). our last correspondence was July 1, when you emailed me because you were nervouse about going through customs. I responded with some tips to make that process smoother, you responded thanking me "for the info and advice". The next time i heard from you was July 14 that you had not received your travel docs that the supplier was supposed to have mailed to you directly. there was a 2 week time we did not communicate but not because i did not respond to an email or voicemail, but because i did not know you needed anything. Within hours i responded back to you that I called the supplier and asked them to print out new travel docs for you and mail them to you directly again. you responded back: this was when you were looking to have your wedding at dreams cabo because dreams cancun does not give free site visits. if you change your venue, the terms change depending on what the resort offers. in addition: this was an error on the airlines part. NOT mine. you were booked and your flight was paid for. do you honestly think that an airline would let you board a flight without payment made? They realized that you were paid for when you were at the front desk and that is why they let you board the flight. do you think it is strange that if they really showed that you had not paid they would not have asked for payment? when i contacted the airline they showed that you were paid for and did not have an explanation why their agent told you that you were not paid for. i even emailed the response from the airline saying that you showed being paid in full and they would note that to make sure you would have no issue on the return. I also emailed and tried to call you multiple times to see exactly what the issue what to not get a response from you. how am i supposed to help you if you do not communicate what is going on. AGAIN, this was the airline's issue. i was on the phone with them as soon as I heard from you (not by phone because you did not leave a message but by email) that you were having porblems. here is the last email i sent you with NO response from you. obviously you just want to place blame on me when i am the last person you should place blame on. so in summary peggy, i am really trying not to belittle your complaints but REALLY...you contacted me about getting married at dreams cabo and i told you the perks of doing a group block there, etc. (one of which is the free site visit)...then you change your venue to dreams cancun and DO NOT do a group block so for you to think you still were entitled to a site visit is strange. i have ALL of our correspondence showing that i usually responded within hours of hearing from you. mexicana and american airlines code shared a flight (out of my control) and there was a mix up with them. not me. do you honestly think that i did not send your payment in (i am sure you cc statement shows that the airline charged for your airfare ticket) or that the airline would let you board without any payment. come on. this was the 1st message I PM you and how you responded Re: Plan for Dreams Cancun wedding? Hi BBPacco, i own a travel agency that specializes in destination weddings. I also am the owner of the forum so i can help with the wedding planning side as well. i would love to help with your wedding but will need the following information. If you can send it to my work address i will be able to respond more quickly: tammy@wrighttravelagency.com 1. your names, phone number, mailing and email addresses 2. date and time of your wedding 3. how many people will attend 4. legal or symbolic ceremony 5. gazebo or beach wedding. hope to hear from you soon. tammy Quote: Originally Posted by bbpacco Hi Tammy, I was reading some thread and people recommended you are the expert doing planning for weds at the Dreams Cancun resort. I want my wedding date be Aug. 1, 2009, and already got reply from Claudia for the availabilities. But she hasn't got back to my other emails. Are you a planner or travel agent that can help? How much do I need to pay you? Thanks in advance! Where did I mention Dreams Cabo? oh wait, i know, coz in later one of our emails you said the following "Hi Peggy, i understand the birthcertificate part...i am also asian and born outside the US. I did a symbolic ceremony at Dreams Los Cabos and it was so perfect. i actually get paid by the resort/supplier so you do not pay me. tammy" Please go through your emails before making a statement. I also believe that we talked about getting credit and upgrades after you contacted Dreams Cancun for holding the dates for our wedding. I understand you have a lot of clients, but if you don't remember, just tell me. Don't assume. about getting to me within hours 1/14 my hubby sent you the credit card authorization to charge, we never heard back from you about anything until 1/20 my hubby sent you the following "Hi Tammy, Could you update me with the status of the packages that we booked as soon as possible? I don't even know if anything is booked yet. I have been trying to call you, left voice messages and no one's getting back to me. I start to feel nervous about this because I gave out the credit card and driver license information and I hardly hear back from you about the packages. If anything is booked, I need a receipt or something to show I paid already. I would appreciate just a email or phone call @ 646-321-3918 about the status of the booking. Regards, Teddy" Then you replied, I don't know about you, but I would def keep my clients updated along the way even if I don't have anything confirmed for them yet, not to mention a client called 3 times and left voice messages. All in all, i am not happy booking through you, that is all i wanted to say. You probably will have tons of excuses about how other people screwed up and you are the last person on the Earth to be blamed. I am not going to reply to this thread again and we will disappear from each other's life. Take care. P.S. My hubby's name is Teddy, you have replied to his email with his name in it and still called him Peter. You have ALL the correspondence, you should know. P.P.S. We have asked you to use "Reply All" in our emails for like a million times, you never did.
  2. My computer died on me, and I can't get to upload more picture but these for now. The wedding gazebo was decorated with my purple sash center piece and sand ceremony set for ceremony my bouquet: white lilies with white & purple roses a snap shot my friend got of all the vendors during ceremony our cake
  3. Airline: Mexicana/AA & Wright Travel Agency Tammy (Tammy Host) is our travel agent which I read many great review on BDW, and decided to use her. At the beginning, she was great responding emails and answering questions. She told us that she can negotiate to get a credit towards our wedding stay if we choose not to do site visit. However, when I actually booked with her, she said this would be only true if I am getting marry in Dream Los Cabos. DUH!!! We found some nice package deals on Orbitz, and asked Tammy if she would do price match. I even said it would be ok if she doesn't do the match, just let me know. She said she would. But, it turned out that only half of our guests was able to book with her, and at last, she told us that the rest of our guest should just book online. OK, fine, we can work on it. One major issue we have with Tammy is the communication. After we booked with her and sent her credit card authorization and ID copies, she didn't respond to our email nor our voicemail for a week! We never been able to get a hold on her! A WEEK with all our informations! We were so nervous!! We started to panic, and wondered why we chose a Travel Agent and still get all this sh*t?! On the day of our travel, we got into issue again! The flight was originally booked with Mexicana, and operated by AA. We tried to check-in at AA, and they couldn't find our ticket information to provide that we paid. We couldn't reach anybody, not Tammy, not her wholesaler, and I almost cried out with my gown next to me. After I mentioned about the other guests will be traveling 2 days later, they pulled up the info and none of my guests shown any problem. Someone who looked like a supervisor signed a "Flight Interruption Manifes" for us, and let us check-in making believe we paid. Who's fault? Still finger pointing! Cancun Airport - A I was a little worry to see every review mentioning Airport, thinking if it is that scary. We didn't have any issue at all. The custom did ask us to open one of the luggage, nothing really in there but the OOT bags, and the staffs were polite. I didn't know the time share people dress so nicely in suite at the airport, lolz. No one approached us, and we walked straight out to find our transfer service - Olympus Tour. Olympus Tour - A+ Staffs at the airport are nice and they helped us with our luggage. While we arrived at Dreams, the on-site staff called our room and asked to schedule return with them. Nancy is very helpful, and we ended up booking tours with them as well. She explains things very well, and when we were not sure what type of tour we actually want to do, she showed us different options and tried to find the fit for us. We also booked a private tour with her to take our group to Chichen Itza. The van sits 14 people, and cost was $77/per person. It includes a guide/driver, the tickets to Chichen Itza, and a buffet without drinks. It was a great experience. Dreams Resort - A We were first stayed at Pyramid Room 5238 with an Ocean View. Like everyone else, we had our Honeymooner sign, champagne and romantic decorated room. Our name was so on the daily activities page, being announced and congratulated on our arrival day. But it is such a long walk to the Gazebo from our room, and we asked Cecilia if she could arrange us at a different room, we were later changed to Preferred Building on the 4th floor overlooking the Gazebo. Everyone is very friendly at the resort, but do expect some language barrier. Food, over all pretty good. We like World Cafe, Oceana and Himitsu, not Seaside grill. Drinks, mix drinks can be pretty different from different bar. One thing is the same across though, too sweet! We don't drink alcohol, so can't give too much commend on that. Spa - A- I heard many brides complained about medicure at the Spa, so I did my own nails. Hubby and I had the couple massage 2 days after our wedding day. We did it in the afternoon time after all the guests left. We got to use all of their features, and the massage was such a good relief and wished we had 2 hours not 50 minutes. Too bad that I lost my necklace after the massage though. I put it in the rope and just completely forgot about it after shower. I went back and asked if it was found, nope. The necklace isn't expensive, it is just a plain silver necklace with a jade. But the jade is very meaningful to me, and I lost it. =( Wedding Coordinator: Cecilia - A+++ then A Cecilia is a very sweet lady and always with a big smile. We met her the next morning after our arrival, and things were done in an hour. We gave her some of our personal touch stuff like sand ceremony set, cake topper, sash, sand and petal holder on rehearsal. She remembered everything and even added her personal touch which turns out stunning! Reason why I gave her A but not + after was, she was suppose to send all our stuff the next day. We got nothing. We called her 2 days after our wedding, she was off. I bumped into Claudia, and she told me Cecilia was off that day. I was a little nervous because we were leaving the next day, and we need to get our things back in order to pack. Finally, she sent everything back to us on the morning of our leave. Preparation of the wedding dress I am a bit upset about the preparation. I kept telling Cecilia that she needs to make sure the iron person would return my gown with the white cover, not clear cover because I don't want hubby to see it before the wedding day. I mentioned a few times, and she said she'll make sure they do that. Hubby went back to the room while I was having a drink, and he noticed something was wrong in the room and he claimed he closed his eyes and ran back out. Yeah, they returned the gown and his outfit, in a CLEAR BAG! Wedding Day Hubby couldn't get a free room the night before our wedding day because the resort was fully booked. We didn't mind that much anyway. I made appointment at the Spa to do my makeup and hair. Marisol was the one served me, and I gave her some pictures to let her know what type of hair style I want. She finished it perfectly, and the makeup was good too. The other girl who did my MOH's hair was quiet and doesn't seem knowing much English, but my MOH loved her hair, and she didn't even know what style she wanted when she walked in, but showed the girl her hairpin, it was done quick and nice. Cecilia brought the flowers to the salon and showed to me, and I loved my bouquet. Too bad that I can't bring it back to the states... We had symbolic ceremony. The officiant had accent, I did have a little bit problem of understanding her. But her prayer is absolutely beautiful and meaningful. Everything was smooth and perfectly done! While we were off to take pictures, our guests had cocktail hour at the terrence. They ended up went back to their room and rest a bit. There were only 14 people including us, we sat on a long table which works out perfectly that we got to talk to everyone. Since we don't have many people or love dancing that much, we didn't hire DJ. We used Carribean Trio at the first hour of our reception instead of having them at the cocktail, and everyone loved it. Our menu for the night was: Sea scallop for appetizer, Lobster bistro, Sirloin for main course (seabass for the moms, they don't eat beef), and I forgot the dessert which didn't taste good at all. We all loved the sea scallop, the sirloin was a bit over-cooked. We have chocolate cake, and it was pretty good just a bit too sweet like many things there. Everyone like the cake more than the dessert, what a bummer! lolz... We didn't take the left over cake, and let the servers took care of it. Of course, the servers were great, never had a moment with empty glass. After dinner, we went to Azucar bar with our friends and hanged out there for a few drinks, and that ended our night. Claudia from Claudia Rodriquez Photography - A Claudia is a very nice lady. She was on time and came to my room to shoot some getting ready pictures first, then went back to make some shots with the guests. Since I expressed my concern about the time getting pictures ready for my NY reception's slideshow (which is exactly 1 week after the wedding) before I leave Cancun, she agreed to deliver some of them to me. The day before we left, we received a picture CD with 30 images, and they all look very nice. I can't wait to see more! Video - A- Our package came with a 30 minutes video. We love our video!! The music and the shots were so amazing and just keep reminding us our wedding day. We definitely recommended future bride to have this. One little thing that we are not so happy with the video... when the priest announced the introduction of the first time Mr. & Mrs., it was covered with music...
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by rabutler816 What is the beswt form of payment to pay off the balance? I want to bring cash if it will all be paid when we arrive and meet with WC. Is the DJ paid with her then also? Do they give amount in pesos or usd? Do they take travelers chacks? seeing that i leave in 28hours, i know im a tad late asking this....lol Thanks!!!!!! You can pay the wedding package the day when you check-out. We paid by credit card, but the card company charged us $68 for currency exchange service fee. You can pay cash in USD or pesos, they accept both, and I think they take traveler's check as well.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by cubsfan Ahhh, I leave tomorrow!! Holy crap it came up so darn fast! Wow! Im so excited and anxious! I drank a little too much at my Bachelorette party last night so the next drink I will have will be on the beach!!! yes! Hey good luck for everything, and one small advise, don't drink too much! DH and I plus a guest both have some stomach issue after coming back from our trip. We are not sure what it is, but think it would be having too much mixed drinks, lolz
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by cubsfan Thank you to everyone who have answered my questions... got a few more! lol Did any of you do OOT bags and if you did, what is dreams policy w. handing them out? Can I give them to the front desk with a list of my guests. We are only having 14 guest, 4 of which I will be giving their oot bags to them when we get there because they are going the same day as me/same flight everhting. the others I wiould like to have given out as they arrive by the front desk. also, do you use CD or IPOD when renting docking station for ceremony> Thankyou! Since my group came in at the same time, I met and hang out the OOT at the lobby. I greeted them with the bag with cold drinks from the bar~ I think Dreams charge an amount of $ to deliver the OOT bags, but I am not sure about the amount. I think they do CDs. I didn't bring my own music, just told Cecelia that I want one particular song when I walk, and she happened to have the cd.
  7. I am back from our wedding~ the wedding date was so nice and smooth~ felt sorry for the couple who had wedding on Sunday for the crazy thunderstorm, but I heard they all had a great time. I had some drama for the trip, need some time to type the review, but welcome any questions!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by kcarnes1108 Well we did it and just got back, the wedding was perfect and went off at 5:00 on July 31st. Will give details latter and answer questions if needed. Hey, I saw your wedding, it was awesome!
  9. I am leaving tomorrow morning!! Feel excited and nervous now...
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by kcarnes1108 We have not negotiated anything yet via email, i think it will all be done on Wednesday when we get there. Also we have already been to Dreams and Claudia has a good contingency plan for rain, no gazeebo but no getting wet. Look at it this way, a little rain is good luck right. It will be perfect because that is how it was supposed to be rain or shine. Any brides get some things in exchange for others, like no videographer for chair bows etc etc. I would be really upset if I can't marry at the gazebo... I exchanged my photography for sound system at the ceremony.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by kcarnes1108 Well we leave in 3 days also. No worries about the weather as we have been to Cancun so many times and it always for rain, and if it did it only cooled things off a bit but never brought a damper to our party. If it rains we go inside and share even more memories with our friends and family. We were supposed to get married on May 2nd at Dreams and the swine flu got in our way. Nothing can get in our way this time. Wedding is July 31st at 4 or 5 cant remember right now cause i am so excited. Can any brides offer any insight into negotiating some things with Claudia. We have not spoken to her since we rescheduled and just want to try and trade some things that come with our package for others. From other reviews we are not gonna stress at all and just sort some things out with the WC when we get there. thanks, I never been to Cancun, it does stress me out on the rain situation... sigh!! It seems like they are a bit harder to negotiating on email now, try to work with them in person might get you better results. Good luck!
  12. Gees... the weather forecast for the upcoming week is RAIN RAIN and RAIN! I am worry... and leaving in 3 days, this is not so fun
  13. How much do you married ladies tip the WC? Do you tip her ahead or after?
  14. bbpacco

    Dreams Cancun 7.12.09 Wedding Review

    Great review, glad u had a great time there, and congratulation again!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by PhillyBride09 There is a "Computer Room" near the front desk. You get 15 minutes of Free internet per day on that. Not sure what you pay after that. I brought my lap top and then I bought a prepaid card at the front desk. For 24 hours I paid $15. However, if you log off after each use, it stops the clock. I bought the card on Wednesday and still had hours left by the time I left. It was really easy. I think it's $65.00 for the whole week. :-) thank you! we should be ok with 15 minz per day.. lolz