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    Jamaica Brides...Legal in US?

    I just had my temporary license and I was able to go to the SS office and the DMV and change my name and status. I wasn't sure it I had to do anything back in the states.
  2. This is going to be a dumb question but I have to ask. I got married at the end of January and the resort now has my marriage certificate and they will be sending it. My husbands legal name is Christopher but the certificate says Chris. Is that going to be an issue? Also, is the certificate used for anything (verification) in the States, is it just for 'show'? I have already changed my name and updated most of our records. Thanks Sara
  3. kun09

    Coral Cove?

    I just got married at Coral Cove. The wedding was beautiful. I didn't have to stress about everything being in order. *The Good: The food was excellent; always something different and was sitdown for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The people were very nice. The resort was small (we had the whole resort); I wanted a private wedding which is what we got!! They cater to what you want. Nice lagoon where the kids could play in the water and sand (just wear water shoes). *The not so good: The resort is small so if you want to do any excursions I wouldn't recommend the resort. We tried to do a snorkeling excursion and that failed miserably. I did have some makeup taken and the owner was very disappointed to hear that and he did reimburse us for the things taken. The owner takes great pride in his resort. As mentioned in a previous post, not all rooms have A/C but people didn't complain. They opened up the windows and it was cool in their rooms. The drive to the resort was sketchy and it had was wondering but when we pulled in to the resort I was happy. They are hoping to have a pool done in June (the last hurricane wiped out all their supplies). If you have any questions please let me know. Sara
  4. kun09

    Why do people INSIST on stressing you????

    I mostly have my FI's sister stressing me out. She keeps complaining about the cost but we told everyone from the beginning that we'd like you there but we'd understand if you can't make it. My FI keeps telling me not to worry about it that it is our day but I'm ready to really hurt some people. I wanted a nice quiet resort, maybe a little more expensive than we orginally planned, but this is what I want!! I hear all your pain
  5. My BM dresses were around $200 which I put down $50 towards each of them (2). I'm also paying for them to get their nails done. I thought it would be part of their gift since they are traveling the distance.
  6. I place an order for my shoes sometime last week or the week before. I was looking for a 'cheaper' flip flop that was flat-which was very difficult. As long as they look okay and last throughout the night and hopefully the reception back home I'll be happy. I'll let you know when I receive them.
  7. I have tried searching for different excursions for guests and am probably thinking of Mayfield Falls or YS Falls because it seemed the most kid friendly. Out of 33 people we have 4 kids (11,9,8,2). My FI and I would like to go snorkeling and head to Rick's Cafe. Is Rick's Cafe approriate for children or should we do the Falls? We will be staying an extra 5 nights after all guests leave so we can do that on our own but thought others would enjoy it. Also my FI wants to take his daughter snorkeling. I think I'm trying to plan too much but that's the way I am. Any suggestions would be great!!!! Thanks
  8. I have many dilemenas right now but this might be the major one. I would like to put my FI in a light colored suit but the color didn't look good on him so I was going to put all the guys in linen pants which I will probably have to have made. I was then going to have them wear a button down shirt which I have not found yet. Should I also put the fathers in linen pants so they match the rest of the wedding party? My dress is ivory and the BM's are a 'spa' color with an ivory sash. If there is something already out there about this please let me since I quickly tried to look. Thanks
  9. I didn't even think about that. I tried a tan suit on Chris and the color didn't suit him very well. I was going to put the guys in linen pants and Chris a white suit and the others in a different color. Any suggestions??
  10. kun09

    Coral Cove, Little Bay

    I am getting married there in January. We will have the entire resort with us and our guests which I like. They have been helpful with organizing....it might take a couple of days for a response but it is Jamaica and you have to expect that. We are having a Steel Drum band for a couple of hours during the appetizers which they cooridnated. I just heard from them in regards to the whole wedding plans-a lot more detail which would have been nicer earlier on but you just have to keep on top of things.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. I was just about to buy the vases for the ceremony but then I thought how am I going to bring these back with the sand still entacted. I know you could buy boxes/like wine and bring it back How did past brides bring it home?
  12. kun09

    Cups for 2010 Jamaica brides

    I might be interested. I'd need about 40 but keep me/us updated on the design and I'll let you know.
  13. I would love to hear what others have to say about photographers. I haven't really started looking into them but I know I should start soon.
  14. Names: Sara & Chris Location: Coral Cove in Little Bay Date: January 29, 2010 In JA: 1/27/10-2/5/10 Thanks for all the info on the boards....I love it!!!
  15. I stayed at the resort several years ago with a friend of mine. The resort was nice...food okay. There wasn't much for variety like other resorts but we didn't complain. I believe I saw a wedding going on at the time. They had a nice pier/gazebo into the water and it looked like they were setup for a reception in one of the buildings. The rooms were like any other Holiday Inn-clean, comfortable. Hopefully that helps