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  1. FutureMRS.

    My BD Pics!!! SoCal Photographer

    You look great! I love the one with the hat!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host yes, there is a reason...i made the decision on MY forum to lower the amount of new posts because it was causing problems with hosting. do you have a problem with that? wow...what is that about...
  3. FutureMRS.

    NO Perks from PLesant Holidays as Promised

    I would definitely call the manager and ask ( or demand, if you know what I mean). It is extremely unprofessional that your TA would pick up and leave without notifying you, and then the company would not even attempt to contact you to make alternate arrangements? That is ludicrous to me.
  4. FutureMRS.

    Lifting of Cuba and US Embargo

    Nevermind i assume those people are not from the US. Perhaps Canada or European countries...
  5. That's so unique! I love the color. And the style is exactly like my BM dresses that I got from DB. I love it. I agree with Dmitri though that it may be see through when wet. Make sure you check it out!
  6. FutureMRS.

    Lifting of Cuba and US Embargo

    Quote: Originally Posted by Alyssa Jules it doesn't really affect US Citizens - only Cuban Nationals - meaning that restrictions are being lifted so that Cuban Nationals can go back to Cuba 1x per year instead of 1x every 3 years and the cell towers / internet / cable signals will be opened up. so for regular US Citizens -we still can NOT travel back and forth to Cuba I am confused. How is it that some are allowed to marry there? I also have seen on other travel boards, people that have traveled there for vacation.
  7. FutureMRS.

    Is Your Wedding Trip Also Your Honeymoon?

    I think FI and I are going to stay in Jamaica but move to a different resort. We're getting married at the Iberostar and staying there for 5 days (June 15-20th?) with our guests, then moving the Sunday after the wedding to Couples Swept Away in Negril and staying there for 6 or 7 days. That's the plan for now, although it hasn't been booked yet. We thought about going somewhere totally new after the wedding, but it is more cost effective for us to stay in Jamaica. Plus we don't really want to deal with any more plane travel than we have to. We are planning on a big 1 year anniversary trip though:-) Greece or St.Lucia.
  8. Great pics! I was contemplating ROR but have since decided on someplace else, but these would have been a huge help!
  9. FutureMRS.

    New Resorts Opening in Jamaica

    No problem! I wish they were already open...I hear the Excellence resorts in Mexico are pretty awesome so I'm excited to hear about this new one in JA...whenever it opens.
  10. Hi gals, I found this info online about some new resorts coming to Jamaica pretty soon: Montego Bay, Jamaica Excellence Oyster Bay The Excellence Oyster Bay is set to open on a peninsula along Jamaica's northern coast in 2009/2010. This all inclusive resort will feature the first over-the-water bungalows in Jamaica. Reminiscent of the South Pacific-style resort, this brand new Excellence Resort will feature world class amenities, fine dining and a host of daily activities and nightly entertainment. Excellence Resorts expands their offering to Jamaica after great success with the Excellence Riviera Maya resort and the Excellence Punta Cana. This hotel will become the fourth Excellence property after the 2007 opening of the Excellence Playa Mujeres in the Cancun area. This all inclusive facility will cater to adults-only and honeymoon couples. Look for more information as the opening date approaches. Secrets Montego Bay Secrets Montego Bay is scheduled for a mid 2009 opening. This all inclusive resort will feature 350 suites, public areas with warm neutral tones and art selections reflective of Jamaican culture. The new Secrets Montego Bay will offer fourteen bars, lounges and gourmet dining facilities. Every floor will feature a private concierge and oceanfront cabanas will be featured at the spas. This hotel will share bar and restaurant facilities with the Secrets St James Montego Bay resort. Be prepared for the ultimate all inclusive pampering with the best of both worlds. Secrets St James creates a British colonial feel to compliment the Jamaican vibe of Secrets Montego Bay. A state of the art open-air theater will complement the full schedule of daily activities. Secrets Montego Bay is a branded hotel under the AM Resorts chain of all inclusives. Choose from all inclusive dining venues featuring a la carte and buffet dining. Cuisine from around the world is included, ranging from Caribbean and Mexican, to Pan Asian, Italian, and French. Sip premium international and domestic beverages from a host of free flowing bars. The Secrets Montego Bay and Secrets St James Resorts have it all. Guestrooms vary from the basic junior suite all the way up to the Presidential Oceanfront Preferred Club suite. All suites at Secrets Montego Bay feature one king or two double beds, hair dryer, VIP amenties, satellite tv, mini bar, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, 24 hour room service and more. More information will be provided on Secrets Montego Bay as it becomes available.
  11. FutureMRS.

    Heidi & Spencer Getting Married

    Speidi getting married? *rolling my eyes* These two make me sick. Gack.
  12. Yes I've heard that the traditional way to wear the wedding band is below your engagement ring. I will probably wear mine that way most of the time. I don't think I'd be able to wear anything on my right hand though because my ring finger on my right hand is bigger than my ring finger on my left hand.
  13. FutureMRS.

    How to avoid your room being robbed while traveling

    I have never had anything of mine stolen while traveling, but have heard horror stories from others who have. I've started bringing my own mini safe with me when I travel. It's small enough to fit inside my suitcase and not take up too much room, but big enough for things like jewelry & money. However it wouldn't fit my camera in there, but I usually always have my camera with me anyway. One of my friends who travels alot also warned me to NEVER put your valuables in the room safe for the very reason named here. Kinda sucks, but I guess c'est la vie!
  14. FutureMRS.

    Kamilla Harris Boudoir Photo! *pic #28*

    I know! I have been obsessively checking email and stalking her blog. lol
  15. FutureMRS.

    Kamilla Harris Boudoir Photo! *pic #28*

    Patience is a virtue...too bad I don't really have any (I'm working on it!)! I'm so anxious to see pics...1 pic...any pic. Still waiting! I'm sure Kamila is working her tail off though. *sigh*